How We Met |M•C|

18 year old Dylan Scarborough has lived with her best friend Aria Masterson since she was 13. She lived there because her dad abused her. Her parents died in a car crash when she was 15. Her and Aria go to a 5SOS concert and are staying in the same hotel as them. What will happen when the find Ashton, Calum, Michael, and Luke's room?

Read to find out!


3. 2

Dylan's POV


"Shut the fuck up! I get the point!" I made an inhuman noise and turned off my alarm. I pulled the blanket off of me and got out of bed. My room was painted black even though you couldn't see the walls because of all my posters. It was a pretty plain room I had posters covering most of my walls, my own bathroom, a walk in closet, and a Romeo and Juliet style balcony.

I walked downstairs and turned on the TV. Adventure Time was on so I turned to it. It was a rerun so I scrolled through my Twitter, nothing was new. DING! I had a text from Aria. Aria is the same age as me, and I even lived with her when I was 13 and stayed there until I turned 18. She has long, black hair with a blue streak in it. Now, I live in my parents old house. My dad used to abuse me and my mom was too scared to do anything about it. I read the text,

Aria😎~ I found 5SOS concert tickets for Saturday night and they're FRONT ROW!!!

Dylan😁~ Really where's the concert!?!

She replied a few minutes later.

Aria😎~ It's in Melbourne I just bought the tickets!

Dylan😁~ You know what this means?!?

Aria😎~ Let me guess, shopping

Dylan😁~ YES! I'll be there in 20😋⌚️

Aria😎~ Yay! (Note my sarcasm)

I ignored her sarcasm and walked upstairs and took a shower. When I got out I decided to wear a Green Day muscle tank with black skinny jeans. I tied a red flannel around my waist. I pulled my hair up in a bun and tied a black bandana on my head and tied it in the front. I walked downstairs and slipped on my black converses. I headed out the door and got in my car. I drive my parents old dark red SS Camaro. I headed to Aria's house to pick her up.

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