English Love Affair

Hailee is a 16-17 year old girl looking for trouble. She has got herself arrested. But when she escapes, she meets her one true love that gets in trouble with her. The one Michael Clifford.

5SOS fanfic (13+{inappropriate scenes})



9. A/N

Hey, what's up you guys? I just went to a 1D concert in Baltimore. My first concert EVER. Let me tell you, holy crap. I want to relive it everyday. On the song Better Than Words, of course, Niall grabbed his crotch when he did his solo.

And on Act My Age, which sounds like Irish rock and since Niall is Irish, he was doing an Irish dance. I freaked out.

Harry took these cookies from someone in the front row that they made for him. He said, "Does anyone want a cookie?" And everyone screamed. Then he said, "Well, too bad!"

Liam was sick but he still sounded good singing. They honestly didn't show Louis that much. But he did have a water gun.

In the middle of the concert, Niall said, "Wow, there are a lot of sexy Americans in the crowd." Of course, people went insane.

It was the best experience of MY LIFE!! Comment if you, or if you know somebody who was at that concert. August 8th in Baltimore.

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