English Love Affair

Hailee is a 16-17 year old girl looking for trouble. She has got herself arrested. But when she escapes, she meets her one true love that gets in trouble with her. The one Michael Clifford.

5SOS fanfic (13+{inappropriate scenes})



7. 7

I walked downstairs and the smell of pizza filled my nose. I ran to the kitchen. I saw a home-made bb&q flatbread pizza.

I sat down and started eating. When I was finished, the sun was setting. It was still out but it was almost setting.

"Can I go to the park?" I asked my dad. "Yes by be back by dark. The park is right down the street." He said and was already acting like a parent. "Thank you!" I said and put my converse on and walked out of the door.

After a while of walking, I saw the park. It had an ocean view. The sun was setting and there was an orange color in the sky. I sat down on a bench and looked at the ocean.

I started singing 'Talking Body' by Tove Lo.

"Great voice." A person said from behind me. I jumped and turned around. It was the boy from the plane but his hood was down as he still had his glasses on.

"Thanks." I said. "Do you mind?" He said and motioned to the empt seat next to me. "No. Go ahead." I said. He sat down. "Are you new to California?" He asked. "Umm... Yeah. I'm adopted so I came down here to stay with my real dad."

"How long are you staying here?" He asked. "3 or 4 months." I said. "I'm Michael." He said. "I'm Hailee." I said. "Who is your real dad?" Michael asked. "I don't know if you'll believe me but, Tyler Oakley." I said.

He took off his sunglasses. I recognized him. "Aren't you Michael Clifford?" I asked. "Yes. Are you a fan?" "Yes but not a fan girl. I like your music." I said. He smiled.

"Here I'll give you my phone number." He said. We exchanged numbers and I walked back home.

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