English Love Affair

Hailee is a 16-17 year old girl looking for trouble. She has got herself arrested. But when she escapes, she meets her one true love that gets in trouble with her. The one Michael Clifford.

5SOS fanfic (13+{inappropriate scenes})



2. 2

The fucking sound of my alarm clock went off. It was a fucking SATURDAY! Why is my alarm going off on a Saturday? I was dreaming about love. Ugh! 'Someone hit me with a frying pan! I'm being a total idiot!'

I thought to myself as I slowly got out of bed. I walked down stairs still in my pjs which were long fluffy, black, Minnie Mouse, with red bows spread out everywhere. My shirt was just a grey shirt.

I yelled for my dad. "Dad!" "Daddy!" "Daddy!" I yelled at the same time. "Daaaaddddyyyy!!!" I whined. "What do you want?" He asked coming down the stairs like I was crazy. "For you to cook something for me!" I giggled while saying this.

"Spoiled brat." He said and got out some bacon, pancake mix, and potatoes. "Thank you." I said childish.

I skipped upstairs to my room and checked my computer. I went on YouTube and watched ihascupquake. If you don't know her, you need to. She played all of the five nights at freddys games.

Then I watched Tyler Oakley. People say I look like him. My response is usually, "Ummm... Thanks?" Because we all know he is gay.

Tthheeennn I watched Markiplier and Pewdiepie. I finished because I could smell the smell of success. I ran downstairs to see the food on the counter. "Glad you got your face out of the computer." My dad said.

I grabbed a plate and piled it with food. Then I say down and stuffed my mouth with pancakes. I ate all of it.... A few minutes later.

I ran back upstairs to see a new video from Tyler Oakley. It was titled, 'Something I Haven't Told You'

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