English Love Affair

Hailee is a 16-17 year old girl looking for trouble. She has got herself arrested. But when she escapes, she meets her one true love that gets in trouble with her. The one Michael Clifford.

5SOS fanfic (13+{inappropriate scenes})



1. 1

Hello. My name is Hailee. I guess you could say I'm a bad girl. But I've never been caught doing anything. So technically I'm a good girl. Oh. Yeah. I'm the kind of girl your parents wouldn't let you be friends with. But see, I do have friends. A lot actually.

Another thing, I am a player. I know guys are the ones who play. But I do too. See, I make guys fall for me, take them on a date, that night, get them in bed, then the next day, completely crush their heart. But I'm kinda tired of it. I don't want a one night stand all the time. I want real love.

I've heard this saying before, I was smart but stupid at the same time. I believed it though. It said, 'Love is not sex. Sex is not love. But when you put them together, you get something great.' Is it true? Or am I just being sappy and lame? I think the second one.

Ok, so I need to tell you how I look, what I like etc. I have long brown hair and half of my hair is dyed blue. I have blueish green eyes, 5'7". I have long fingers because my mom does. I have my dads nose. I am 16. Still in school. The shit pile my mom makes me go to every morning even if I don't want to.

I like a few bands. I like going out and clubbing and stuff like that.

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