Daddy's baby girl [ h.s ]

His tongue slid over the dry surface of his lips as he scanned his eyes over to his next 'victim'. A smirk appearing onto his rough face, noticing that the petite girl wandered towards him.

"Well hello there darlin." He smiled innocently to the young naive girl. Her hand glided through her smooth brunette hair, the hair that he wouldn't mind yanking onto anytime soon, she looked up at the familiar stranger which she despises from seeing.

She was nervous around him, his tallness and his attitude made her feel small and fragile. The way he treated her made her feel and act venerable. The only thing was, that's what made him so exited about her, the power and control he had over her was impossible. And he knew that he loved it..

"H-hello, Daddy."


1. Prologue

WARNING: SEXUAL CONTENT (This book is full of it anyways but ya know,enjoy)


His head twitched back in pleasure, his mind filling up with dirty explicit thoughts of his new baby girl. He flipped his black skinny jeans open, his long, slender fingers stroking his -now massive- bulge through his grey boxers.

"O-oh-oh," A deep throaty groan escaped his rough dry lips, his mind focusing on the sexual fantasy of his little girl who was wearing a short school skirt he pacifically liked on her. Harry's busy hands yanked his boxers down to his legs with one tug, leaving him half naked on his queen size bed, alone and frustrated..

His loud moans increased as his hand started to collide with his large throbbing member. Harry's free hand grabbed onto his white sheets with force whilst his left hand harshly rubbed against the soft skin. The used to be quiet room filled up with the sound of heavy uneven breathing and the slapping of skin which was slowly taking over Harry's curses and cries for his little baby doll. Oh how he wished he could have her in his arms without another soul alive to take her away from her daddy, oh how he wished.

But the thing is, he didn't even know if his wish would come true. But he did know that he could make it come true, force or not it will come true, and no one will be able to stop him.


Sorry If I used 'she' or 'her' a lot (if I did?) I would of used the main characters name but unfortunately I don't have one yet. Comment one? - T

(P.s this story WILL CONTAIN proper BDSM and not just the 'daddy' kind that most fanfics do, I.e. Ice, whips, chains, vibrators and so on.)

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