Daddy's baby girl [ h.s ]

His tongue slid over the dry surface of his lips as he scanned his eyes over to his next 'victim'. A smirk appearing onto his rough face, noticing that the petite girl wandered towards him.

"Well hello there darlin." He smiled innocently to the young naive girl. Her hand glided through her smooth brunette hair, the hair that he wouldn't mind yanking onto anytime soon, she looked up at the familiar stranger which she despises from seeing.

She was nervous around him, his tallness and his attitude made her feel small and fragile. The way he treated her made her feel and act venerable. The only thing was, that's what made him so exited about her, the power and control he had over her was impossible. And he knew that he loved it..

"H-hello, Daddy."


2. One

A/N: Starting with Harry's POV cause he has a cool life..😏

"I'm never sour, I'm just smoking something much louder." - Often, The Weeknd



(No ones POV at the moment)

Time is precious to some people, they wait for something different to happen in their lives, something exiting. Something worth waiting for. Something or someone who will change their appearance or their life.

And to some, life is just some road trip that will keep going until you come across a bumpy road, a stranded person or obstacle which they need to over take. These type of people do not waste time, they don't wait around for something special to hit them in the face and for them to wonder if it will change their life or not. These people are risk takers, even if it's nothing extreme they take the risk and do not change their mind. And sometimes it can be the right thing, but sometimes it isn't..


Full name: Harold Edward Styles

Age: 34

Gender: Male

Work experience: Been to Harvard and studied business. Has had three different jobs as a professor in different college/university's. Would like to become a secondary school teacher or head master in the future.

Status: People are my priority, I enjoy making people successful in life. I have had my line of great education and well being in my life so far and I'm willing to share that to students to make them just as successful as me.


Fate, do you believe in it? Do you believe that someone or something will come into your life and change it? Maybe even make your life worth living for, can you see yourself settling down and telling your future grandchildren about the time that this person or thing affected your sight on the world and how beautiful the experience was? Well something's happen for a reason and sometimes your choice can be right in front of you..

❁❁❁ Harry's POV ❁❁❁

"Why don't you come around mine some time and we'll do something fun." The English teacher who was apparently 'only down the hall from me', Sarah-I think joined me in the small, quiet crappy staff room which had hardly any good lighting in. Her legs were crossed my way, lifting up her short skirt showing me a little glimpse of her white lace panties. Wow, she defiantly wanted my attention.

"Er- Sarah-"

"It's Hanna." She scoffed, not like I really care anyways, I mean she came up to me so what does she expect from a guy (who has never seen her before) to suddenly remember her name? And to think that she most probably dreamed about 'talking' too me for ages, If you know what I mean.. See I'm proud to say that I've had my selection of girls, short, tall, brunette, blonde, ginger, I've had them all and you know what I'm proud of it, I know what girls are like and how they like it.

"Oh sorry Hanna, I'm quite busy at the moment but-"

"What about if I get your number and we'll organise it!" She squealed my ear ringing in agony, making me physically cringe. "You know cause I know what it's like to be a teacher." Hanna winked, suddenly whipping out her phone ready to type in my number. I sighed, knowing deep down myself that I wouldn't mind having a bit of her too. Don't get me wrong Hanna is a good looking girl from what I can from so far, her hair and makeup was alright the only thing was, I was getting this clingy vibe off her..

"Here." I gave her my phone not bothering to even give her a fake one like I normally do. Sara- Hanna grinned down to my phone just like it was some type of achievement for her, minutes later giving it back to me. Her hands wandered across the brown coloured couch to my leg a smirk plastered onto her fake tanned face.

"Text me." Hanna's face roamed closer to mine, she's gonna be an easy one. Her sticky lip gloss mouth attached itself to the side of my lips making me cringe again for the second time today with her.

"Bye, Mr. Styles." She sat up straight, just on cue the annoying, loud school bell went off signalling teachers and students to get to lessons. But the good bit about this is that this school have a rule about uniform and how long skirts can be, and let me tell you, a lot of girls in this school have their skirt short as possible 24/7 around here. And I gotta be honest I enjoy the view, especially from the hot ones.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

I stood at the front of the class ready to talk to these so called students which drive every single teacher and parent insane, "Alright settle down everyone before I bring out my whip and whip all of your stupid asses." I chuckled sarcastically, even though I wasn't actually kidding. The sudden noise of laughter filled my ears, the sound of everyone thinking that I wasn't actually being serious.. Those idiots.

"Okay so now we are all settled down, I need you to all get ready for a big test coming up," I stood up, striding my long legs across the room before making my way in front of my small wooden desk. "Now I know what your all thinking, 'why is he making us do a test for PE?' Well cause I'm a bastard and with this test, it can get you to a A+ which I'm guessing you all want, right?" The classroom members replied with hmm's,yeah's and yeses, making me feel satisfied at the interaction I was having right now with my students.

"Now with this test, it is going to be hard. So, I came up with a solution," I smirked at the class, my mind thinking about all of the pretty hot girls in this class which I could 'tutor', as I scanned my eyes over the rows and rows of good looking girls.

"Some weeks will be with friends studding and doing our normal P.E lessons. Then," My eyes wandered towards the back row of the small class room, instantly feeling more comfortable at the site of my innocent, shy baby doll, Evelyn. Now don't get me wrong Evelyn is cute and naive but, I can sense this vibe off of her that tells me that she wouldn't mind suddenly getting down on her knees and taking my cock like no other slut has before. Evelyn is no slut or whore, she's a pure angel sent from the heavens above, sent down to bless me and my needs with her beautiful, flawless body, voice, mind and soul. She's perfection -which I've never seen in a girl her age before- and I want her to know that she's mine and only my princess before its too late, and some duche comes along and takes her away from me.

Well that's not gonna happen and it never will..

"Some of you will come and study with me."


A/N if you haven't noticed already Harry is a (arrogant) dick and quiet a pervert in this, cause why not lol, it's more interesting.. -T

P.s there is an age gap if you did not see Harry's age it is 34 and Evelyn is 16. (Their in a secondary school not a college or uni)

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