1. Diana

Hi my name is Diana and I am going to tell you about my life! Well I hope u guys know Danielle Hemmings because she is also in my life, too. Let's get started because there is a lot of stuff I have to tell you!! This summer Danielle is baby sitting me and my sister!! We have already wrote a lot of stories!! I am excited because we have a swimming pool so we can swim in it We have to fill it up with water! We are going to my grandma and grandpas for My sister's birthday, so we can ride horses!! This has been a very long ride ,we have already traveled for 4 in half hours!! We get to see not all of our cousins just get to see half of them Trisha, Ross, Ashley, Tristen, and Jack Hunter!!! InAshley is my good friend and my best cousin!!!! Well I am at my grandmas and my grandpa,Papaa is at the rodeo helping!! He is in Crowford but it might rain there and a storm!! I am heading home we were only there for four days.. They had a very bad Flood and the road was under water and the train tracks!!! We had a good time and I was glad to come to see my dad! Also to see my other grandma and grandpa! Well I want to sleep in my own bed, too! Well thank you for reading this chapter, more thoe!!

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