Karma is a bitch

from seven grade to Sophomore Karma has always been the one who gets all the shit. she was been the target to mean and popular girls. but summer before Junior year is something different


1. new friends



 Karma's Point of view

i bite my teeth. this was first time for years when i was this happy to go away from the town. every summer i spend two weeks with my granny. usually i wasn't fan of going there because it would be boring two weeks but after breaking up with Ben on the last day of sophomore year i really needed time to myself. i was annoyed and angry. what did i deserve to have this. i wasn't broken because of Ben. i wasn't mad to Ben. i was Mad to Andrea. that bitch. since seventh grade she had made my life living hell. i try hard to ignore it but you just can't ignore the person who would do anything to see you miserable. Ben was my first boyfriend and earlier she didn't even like Ben as friends but when she heard we were together she started to be with him all the time. and Ben is loser a naive loser. he didn't realize that she did that only to make me angry  and jealous and he started to treat me like i didn't exist. Andrea was more important to him than me and that was when i gave him two options. one to stop ignoring me or i we will break up. and he said "this wouldn't work." and that was when Andrea won again. she smiled evilly as she heard our talking and showed me a middle finger and mouthed. "Loser."  "we are here." mum said. i took my suitcases and rushed inside my granny's house. "hey  granny" i smiled. "hey honey." she smiled. our granny didn't actually live far away from us but when i was with her i didn't have time to spend with my friends even that i still got time to be alone. we ate dinner and after that i rushed to the beach because it was too warm and i felt like melting at anytime. i sat on my towel and took my summer dress of i had my bikinis under it. i ran to the water. as i saw i saw group of older looking guys walking near where my towel was and they put their towels few feet away from mine. god why? i though. now i have to go to my towel and they will be right next to me and i'm alone and they will probably just laugh at me.i tried to stay in water as long as i could but it was getting cold. i walked awkwardly to me towel. they stopped talking and looked me as  i got closer. i felt as i was naked. no gladly they didn't check me out like that they just looked me curiously. i sat down to my towel and they started to talk again. i sat awkwardly on the towel moving my toes on the warm sand. "hey you." i one of the called. i didn't say anything i just looked slowly behind me because i bet they weren't talking to me.but there was no one behind me. "me?" i asked shyly as i pointed my self. the one who called me gave me friendly nod as he smiled. "come play volley ball with us?" he asked as four other guys stood up. "why?" i asked shyly. "c'moon. you look so lonely and it would be fun." he said smiling. "c'moon we won't bite." other one said smiling to me. "Okay." i agreed. "great." the one who talked to me first said. "i'm Micael." he said. he had dirty blond hair and green eyes. "that tall quiet guy is Jesse." he said pointing his friend who raised his eye brow to Micael and gave me a smile. "and that one is Daniel." he said pointing the one who said that they wouldn't  bite. "and the twins Jack and Ryan."he said pointing too guys with blond hair who looked like each others and they waved to me too giving me friendly a smiles. "nice to meet you.i'm Karma." i said. "Karma is your real name?" Daniel asked curiously. "yeah. i know its weird." i smiled awkwardly. "no it's not weird it cool." He said. "awn you are already hitting on her. cute." Micael teased. "shut up Mic." Daniel said hitting his friend on the shoulder. "Ouch no need to get all handy Dan." Micael groaned faking that it hurt. we played a volley ball for a while. it was actually fun. i used to play it with my friends so i wasn't total potato. "we won! good job Karma! welcome to gang!" Micael said. "i mean if you want to be friends with us?" Micael asked carefully. "you only want to be my friend because i'm can play volley ball." i asked acting like i was hurt. "nah! i'm not that kind of person." he screamed. "shut up man. you are making me deaf." Dan groaned holding his hands over his ears. Micael showed his tongue to Dan who just gave him weird stare. "how old are you?" i laugh. "his six." Daniel said. "shut up. i'm older than you. you are still eighteen. you little boy." Micael said pinching  Daniels cheeks.i looked at them weirdly and then laugh. "yeah they are always like that." Ryan said. "shut up old man." Micael said. "Micael had already turned nineteen and Daniel is turning in next month and  i just turned eighteen and the twins are nineteen, turning twenty  soon." Jesse said. "Gosh. you are so old!" i said. "what do you mean? how old are?" Mic asked narrowing his eye brows. "um i'm Sixteen turning Seventeen in two months." i said. "what? really?"Micael asked. "damn. he though that you were nineteen." Ryan laugh. "what? do i look so old?" i asked. "yah. i bet you just fucked with us. you can't be sixteen." Micael said. "I'm  not lying." i laugh. "okay. you just look older. but thats okay." Daniel said. "whats your instagram ?" Daniel asked as we sat on the sand. i told him my username and Dani,Mic,Ryan,Jesse and Jack followed me. "um guys who are you?" i asked as i looked that they had like 10k followers and i only had 270. "they call us Instagram celebs." Jesse said. "oh why?" i said. "i don't really know where did it start but younger kids like thinks we are some small celebs not that we are. i think we are just so popular? we just now many people. but really it doesn't matter if you have 30000 likes or 3." Ryan said. "oh okay." i nod. "but it's pretty crazy.look." Micael said. "what?" i asked. "lets take picture." he said turning his camera on his phone and the guys sat next to me. "smile." Micael said and took the picture. "can i post this." he asked showing the picture. i didn't look like shit so i said it was okay.  "now let me do my magic and lets count the seconds." Micael said. "posted." he said hitting the post button and suddenly my phone went crazy. "what did you write on that pic?" i asked looking the photo where he had tagged me. Just met this cool chick named Karma today on the beach  was text under the photo. "woah  i just got 200 new followers in few sec. woah." i said sarcastically. "I like her." Dan laugh. "we know you do Danny." Micael winked and Daniel Blushed lightly. 


-Two weeks later-


i hated that we had to leave already i had so fun time hanging with the guys and i also met their girlfriends and they all became like my sister they were couple years older than me but they were cool and it was like  i realized i had hanged with the wrong people because they were clearly more mature and didn't have so much drama. back to my town i had friends but none of them weren't close to me.  i sat in the car and my phone buzzed i had to took the notifications off from the instagram app because it was bombing me all the time. *Micaelocrazy added you to group named Danny's citron balls. okay maybe i take my words back, they weren't  so mature than i though.  

From:Danny *Dude you are so weird.

*Danny changed "Micaelshutup" to the name of group

*Micaelocrazy changed "Dannyshutup" to the name of group

*Danny changed "Micaelshutup" to the name of group

*Micaelocrazy changed "Dannyshutup" to the name of group

*Danny changed "Micaelshutup" to the name of group

*Micaelocrazy changed "Dannyshutup" to the name of group

From Evelynn: stop changing the name of the group morons! grow up!

*Evelyn Changed "Shutup" to the name of group

From Sissy: Okay.

From Micaelocrazy: No need to get all mad babe.xx

From Evelynn: You are such a twat sometimes.

From Micaelocrazy: but you love me.

From Evelynn: my own little Twat.xx

From Danny: Ewwwn couples

From Micaelocrazy: You will one of us soon. ;)

From Danny: You really need to shut up man.

From Micaelocrazy: Geez. Calm down ':D

From Ryan: And this group was made because of?

From Jack: Because we want to talk to each others even that Karma had to leave us D;

From Jesse: Ryan your twin is smarten than you? hows that. XD

From Ryan: haha funny

From Danny: Anyways Where do live Karma

​From Micaelcrazy:Don't tell him. he's gonna find you and stand behind his window every night

From Evelynn: Mic you mean stalk her like you stalked me before we started dating.

From Micaelcrazy: I WASNT STALKING YOU!

From Brenda: Sure you didn't ;)

From Micaelcrazy: TELL THEM! Evelynn!

From Evelynn: Don't be such a baby. 

From me: guys calm down. i live at  Westlake.

From Ryan: Are you for real?
From Daniel: Really? 


From me: Can someone tell me whats happening here?

From Brenda: We live there too :D

From me: Really? 

From Sissy: Yep.so we don't have to spend time talking you on the whatsapp. lets go to beach tomorrow okay?

  I chatted with them the hole car ride to home and i got home at evening and i wasn't sad or pissed anymore i was happy that i had found new friends and they were actually cool ones and closer to me than my old friends who i have knew like for years.


Will be continued

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