Little White Dress || C.H💋

What is it like to die? What do you think would happen next?

Would you agree in an arranged marriage with someone you barely know just so you can experience the things you can't experience soon?

Love him or hate him?

He doesn't even love you. And you don't even love him. But who knows soon?

Could you treasure all those memories with a dying person forever?


4. Chapter 4: Here we go honeymoon

Chapter 4: Here We Go, Honeymoon👣🍯🗼✈️


Sophy's POV💋

We arrived Paris. We got into a cab and went straight to the hotel mom booked for us. Calum carried my luggage. Well he's not such a bad guy after all. We go into our room. It's a suite. It's nice, big and beautiful. I can't describe it by detail but it's amazing.

"Hey, I'm gonna put your stuff over here,k?" He said. I sat down the bed. It was nice and comfy.

"Hey, you hungry? Let's eat." He suggested. "There's this restaurant I know. We went here during our last tour." He said. Wow, a tour huh? He really is successful.

"Get changed" he said.

I change into a casual little pastel pink dress, boots and a white scarf. While Calum changed into his ripped skinny jeans, red checkered flannel and black converse shoes.


We arrived at the restaurant Calum was talking about. It's bice here. It's peaceful and beautiful.

We sat down and ordered. I ordered pasta and a strawberry shake and he ordered roasted chicken and some drinks. We sat there for a while. Waiting for the food. It was really quiet and I want to break the ice.

"Hey uh." I started to talk to him. He looked at me.

"I haven't introduced myself properly huh. Hehe." I said. I'm acting stupid infront of him. He smiled slightly.

"I know we have been in quite bad terms because of this whole marriage thing. But can we like, you know? Start over?" I said.

"Yeah sure. I'm Calum Thomas Hood." He smiles and shakes my hand.

"I'm Sophienne Rae Sandford. Nice to meet you Calum." I smile back.

"Just call me Cal" he grinned. I just realized how hot he is when he smiles and when he's nice.

"Okay. Hehe." I giggle.

The food arrived and we eat. This is really good food.

We finished eating and Calum paid the bill. Quite a gentleman right? We walked outside

"You wanna go somewhere?" He asked.

"Nah. I'm tired. Let's just *yawns* explore Paris tomorrow." I said.

"Okay." He replied and we rode a cab back to the hotel.

-at the hotel room-

"Hey Cal, you're in a band right? And you're famous? Can I meet your bandmates?" I asked.

"Yeah. Once we go back to Australia" he replies.

I lie down the bed. I'm really tired. I felt him lie down beside me. Wait, what?!!

"Hey!!" I scream.

"What?!" He said.

"You're gonna sleep beside me?" I ask.

"Ofcourse duh. And it's not like I would rape you. You're not that attractive. Don't be so assuming. Were just gonna sleep" he says and turns his back to me. Not attractive!? Ugh so rude!

"Ugh!" I turn my back on him too. So our backs are facing eachother. What an a$$hole. Earlier he was really a nice guy and now he's such a d*ck. is he a woman having menopause? Grrrr.. I just closed my eyes and dreamed.

-in my DREAM-

"I love you. You're the best thing that's ever happened to me. Please don't leave me."

I heard a deep voice said. I see a blurry figure beside me. Holding my hand and sobbing while I...

Lie there, motionless, pale and asleep.

There was an annoying beeping sound.

"SOPHY!!!" I heard someone scream my name. And everything was black.

-end of dream-

"NO!!!!" I scream.

Calum immediately got up.

"What is it?!" Calum looked annoyed but a little concerned.

I just hugged Calum and cried on him.

"I don't wanna die Cal." I cried.

"Hey hey hey." He says with a calming voice. "No one's gonna die, okay? Just please calm down" he patted my back. I hug him tighter and sobbed.

"Please stay by my side." I cried. I don't know why I said that but, I just want him to not leave me alone.

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