Little White Dress || C.H💋

What is it like to die? What do you think would happen next?

Would you agree in an arranged marriage with someone you barely know just so you can experience the things you can't experience soon?

Love him or hate him?

He doesn't even love you. And you don't even love him. But who knows soon?

Could you treasure all those memories with a dying person forever?


31. Chapter 25: May the Best Man Win

Chapter 25: May the Best Man Win


Sophy's POV 💋

We're here at the venue where the boys are gonna perform the next show. 5 minutes 'til soundcheck and were in the backstage, Luke's reaching his high notes, Calum and Michael eating and Ashton's drumming on his practice drums while I scroll on my instagram. Man, mine and Luke's pictures are all over ig.

"Hey Sophy, can you go get my guitar in the dressing room? I'm still practicing my high notes and there's only a few minutes left before soundcheck." Luke said.

"Yeah sure."


"Hey, don't ask Sophy to do tasks for you." Calum interfered.

"It's fine Cal. I wanna do something and stop yelling at Luke." I said and rolled my eyes.

I went into Luke's dressing room and got his guitar, damn this is some heavy shit. How is he able to throw this around?! Damn guy.

I walk back to where the guys are and handed Luke his guitar.

"Thanks." He smiled and patted my head. I smiled back.

"Come on guys! Souncheck at 5 let's go." The manager said and we went to the stage.

I went to the side and sat on a chair beside the stage while they went to their places. Some people are starting to show up and sat down on the front seats, I think they bought soundcheck tickets.

"Mic test, mic test, is this thing on?" Luke said into the mic with his deep voice, looking cute AF.

"Mic check. 1, 2." Calum said while glancing at me for a while. Hm.

"Mic test, Mic test. Yeah mine's on." Michael said.

"Hello mic test 1,2." Ashton said.

After that they started playing some of their songs on the setlist then soundcheck ended. The show starts at about 7pm. Everyone was busy backstage. The boys got dressed and stuff, the staff set up the stage and the guitars. Food and water and towels by the side table and checked the lighting and effects.

"Come on guys! Show starts in 40 minutes. You guys ready?" The manager said.

"Hell yeah we are!" Ashton smiled. The boys formed a huddle and stayed silent for a while.

"LET'S DO THIS!" They all shout and laugh.

I can hear the countdown end. 5, 4, they started inhaling and exhaling. 3, 2, I hear the crowd's roar getting louder. The boys start to enter the stage as the countdown ends in 1.

They played their songs and some lucky fans get dragged to the stage.

The show ended and they bid farewell to the crowd.

They went back to the backstage and I was just there sitting on the couch. Didn't really give a fuck though but I'm a bit proud.

"Hey Sophy, how was the show?" Calum sat beside me and suddenly pull me to a sweaty hug.

"Ugh Cal, no." I push him gently. "You did great guys, as always." I smiled.

"Yeah! Let's go and celebrate the first half of the tour!" Ashton exclaimed and all of us agreed. Calum held my hand and pulled me back to the van that was taking us back to the hotel while the other three boys followed.

Everyone was hyped. They took snapchats while we were on the way to a restaurant. Calum and I are seated way back and he couldn't keep his arms off me. It was a bit restraining but well, even though he's sweaty, he still smells so good.

"Okay guys! We're here!" Michael shouted and jumped off the car.

We entered the restaurant, it was cool. We went to our table then Calum and Luke raced to pull my chair. Both of them were on time then they stared at eachother with bloodshot eyes.

"Guys!" I shouted, not too loudly but enough to stop them from killing eachother inside their heads. "I can do this myself!" I pulled my chair and sat down.

We celebrated normally. The place isn't crowded and yeah, there were some fans outside but we were far from the window so they couldn't really see us and take pictures of us.

"Hey Sophy, are you ok?" Luke asked.

"Yeah. I'm okay."

"Don't let the people bother you okay? No one knows who you are." Luke smiled which made me feel better. "Here, do you want some more pasta?"

"Yes please." I said and he put pasta on my plate.

Luke's POV😁

I put pasta on Sophy's plate and then I saw Calum at the side staring at me with bloodshot eyes. I mean, what's his problem? Yeah, I like Sophy but he doesn't know that. Am I being to obvious?

"Uh Luke, that's enough." Sophy said and I put the serving spoon down.

Calum isn't staring at me anymore and continued eating his food. Ashton is talking about stuff and well us.

"Do you want some water Soph?" Calum asked her. She nodded and Calum poured water in her glass.

"Thanks Cal." She smiled.

"What's with tension guys?!" Sophy suddenly spoke. All of us looked at her. "Can you like stop?" She said and walked out.



"Sophy!" Ashton cut the both of us off and followed Sophy. Michael told us that Sophy needed a time out from the both of us and that he, too was also annoyed by the two of us.

"It's all your fault! If you didn't interfere, she wouldn't be that annoyed!!!" Calum yelled.

"What do you mean interfered?! I was just being nice to her and you are going all crazy mad at me!" I yelled back.

He stood up and pulled the collar of my shirt. I could see the other people who are also in the restaurant staring at us but he didn't care. He glared at me like he wanted to kill me on the spot. What is this guy's problem?!

"HEY!" Michael screamed. "SIT DOWN!" He said and pushed us back to our seat. "Seriously! Would you guys calm the fuck down?! Jesus!"

I pop my shirt and still glare at Calum and he did the same.

We went out the restaurant and Sophy and Ashton are still not back.

While the three of us are walking back to the tour bus, Calum suddenly pulled me behind the bus.

"What do you want, Cal?" I growled.

"I want you to back off my girl." He spat.

"Your girl? Tss. I don't think so Cal." I smirked.

"She's my wife."

"Maybe on papers but not with love." I said.

Then he suddenly pushed me to the tour bus' side. It hurt but I didn't care.

"What do you know about it? You know nothing. I love her." He growled.

"Well I love her too." I growled back. Both of us glared at eachother for what feels like forever then he spoke...

"Well, may the best man win."


Sorry for not updating for like a LOOOOOONG TIME. I'm sorry. I'm making it all up to you guys 🙈 ilysm. Tysm for reading this, it means a lot, especially when you guys comment. It's really cool ❤️ Also check out my other stories :D love youuuu

-Jana xx

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