Little White Dress || C.H💋

What is it like to die? What do you think would happen next?

Would you agree in an arranged marriage with someone you barely know just so you can experience the things you can't experience soon?

Love him or hate him?

He doesn't even love you. And you don't even love him. But who knows soon?

Could you treasure all those memories with a dying person forever?


26. Chapter 21: Truth Be Told

Chapter 21: Truth Be Told



Sophy's POV


Me and Ash are at a pizza place and about to order when...



"Sophy?" A familiar voice called me. I turned to see who it was, and it was my big brother, Ethan.



"Ethan! What are you doing here?" I hugged him and he looked confused.



"I'm on a business trip and I should be the one asking you that, young lady." He said.




"Oh, I'm on tour with Cal's band." I smiled.




"And who is this little punk?" He smirked.




"Oh, he's Ashton, the band's drummer." I said and introduced them to eachother.




"Hello there. Nice to meet you." Ash said and shaked hands with Ethan.




"Is mom with you? or even nana?" Ethan asked.




"No, why? I could fend for myself you know." I said.




"Come here. Can I borrow my sister for a sec? Thanks." He said and pulled me outside.



Ashton's POV



Her big brother's scary! Man, just like a badass action star.



"Come here. Can I borrow my sister for a sec? Thanks." He said, not waiting a reply from me. He pulled her outside.




"Here's your order, sir." the cashier said with her eyes sparkling while looking at me. I grabbed the pizza boxes and rushed outside.




"Sophy?" I called her and start to look for them around the place and saw them at an alleyway, I was about to approach them when Ethan said something.




"Are you out of your mind Sophy?! What if something's going to happen to you? What if you get an attack right now while you're with that punk. Does he know what to do? Jesus, Sophy!" Ethan scolded her.




"I am not gonna get an attack, it's been a while since the last one."




"Yes! It's been a while and it's unpredictable! You should've thought of that, Sophy!"




"Why are you so paranoid Ethan?!"




"You are sick Sophy, you know that!" Ethan raised his voice, he's getting scary but Sophy's just meh. But, Sophy's sick? I don't understand, man, I know it's bad to eavesdrop on them but I couldn't help it. I need to know.




"I know! You don't have to slap it to my face!" Sophy yelled back.




"I just don't want you to suffer. Sophy, only a few months and we don't know what's going to happen to you next." Ethan hugged Sophy. "I care about you so much, little princess. I love you and knowing these things are happening to you, I just can't bear it."




"You shouldn't overthink it, Ethan. You know the doctor said I could live a bit longer if I put on a strong fight." Sophy said. What does this mean? Does she have a tanning? Is she really that sick?




"Okay, okay. Come on. Just be careful and don't stress yourself out too much." I heard Ethan said. Uh-oh, looks like they're done talking, where am I gonna hide now? I need---



"How long have you been there?" Sophy asked. I slowly turned to her with an obviously fake smile.




"Uhh, uh I- I. I'm sorry. I was just about to call you so that we could go back to the hotel when you two started talking." I scratched my head.




"*sighs* It's okay but I need to ask you a favor, Ash."




"Yeah sure. Anything."




"No one should know about this, especially Calum." she said.




"But why? Calum's your husband."




"Just don't Ash. Also, don't be too obvious that you know something's wrong. I don't want you guys to pity me just 'cuz I'm sick." She said.




"O-okay." I agreed and we pinky sweared.




"I better get going. Nice meeting you, Ashtern. Take good care of my sister for me." He said and we shook hands and he hugged Sophy.




"It's Ashton, by the way." I said and he went inside his car.




woah, just  knowing all these things. I'm starting to worry about Sophy.




"Hey." Sophy hit her elbow on me. "Let's go?"




"Yeah sure."

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