Little White Dress || C.H💋

What is it like to die? What do you think would happen next?

Would you agree in an arranged marriage with someone you barely know just so you can experience the things you can't experience soon?

Love him or hate him?

He doesn't even love you. And you don't even love him. But who knows soon?

Could you treasure all those memories with a dying person forever?


15. Chapter 13: Dinner at Hood

Chapter 13: Dinner at Hood


Sophy's POV💋

Me and Kayla are in the mall right now. Just hanging out.

"So how's life with Calum?" She asked.


"You're really lucky you know! Did you know Calum Hood is my bias in 5SOS! I'm so jealous right now!" She whines.

"If you want, you can have him." I plainly said.

"Like srsly, Sophy? Do you actually know that almost every girl wants him, also Luke, Michael and Ashton? You should've even know him even before the two of you got married!" She's getting hysterical. Like, tf I care about?

"I don't know who you're talking about. You know I don't get into social media much and also I don't get updated about celebs or hollywood." I said.

"Boohoo. Well now, you should be!" She scolded me.

"Would you calm down, Kayla?" I said. "Let's go to the dep store. Calum told me to buy him pens."

"Ah, the perks of being a good wife." She giggles. I just rolled my eyes.

After we bought pens. We decided to go home but on the way to the exit, I notice a shop called Iconarts. I see some merch and stuff.

"Hey, mind if we check out that shop?" Kayla asked. Well, I'm curious too.

We entered the shop and there was a lot of merch. Different kinds, like pins, cases, shirts, wallets, posters, ballers, lanyards and more. There are 1D, K-Pop, anime, Tswift, The Vamps and yeah 5SOS too and many more various artists.

I look around and realize that Cal's band is really famous.

"Oh my G!! Look at your husband here, Soph! He's so cute!" Kayla screamed. The other people in the shop were looking at me. Uh-oh.

"Kayla! Don't just go shouting husband in here!" I whisper shout at her.

"Whoops. Uh sorry." She made a peace sign.

"You know everythin about us is a secret!"

"Sorry. Well, I just fangirl too much. Just look at this! Isn't this wallet cute? Also, it's much cuter because Calum's cuddly little face is on it!" She giggles. Well, I must admit that he does look cute there. I noticed the 5SOS poster on the wall.

"Luke?" I whisper to myself.

"I thought you didn't know who his bandmates are? Why do you know Luke Hemmings?" Kayla asked. I didn't thought she would hear that.

"No. I just uh- I think I've met him." I stutter.

"You sure?" She reassures.

"Nah, forget about it." I said as an excuse. Well, it couldn't be 'the' Luke Hemmings. Nah, maybe it was just a look alike with the same name really.

Kayla ended up buying some. We decided to go home now.

-at home-

"Hey Cal! I've got your pens!" I shout. This house is pretty huge so I shout so that he could hear me upstairs.

Calum came running down the stairs and got the pens. "Thank you so much, Sophy!" He said then went back upstairs running.

"What's with him?" I talk to myself. I went upstairs to our room. He wasn't there. I walk around to the other room and see him on the table writing something while he's holding his guitar.

I knock on the door. "Can I come in?" He looks at me.

"Oh yeah sure."

I walk in and sit on the bean chair.

"Whatcha doing?" I ask him.

"I'm writing a song. I really need to finish it today." He said while strumming his guitar.

"Cool. Have you finished it?" I asked.

"Almost. Me and Luke skyped the whole afternoon just to write this song. I couldn't go and meet him today." He said. Luke...

"Oh okay. You should get ready at 6 for dinner tonight at your place." I said.

"Yeah sure." He said while strumming his guitar to find a tune for the song. I stand up and walk to the door when...

"Hey uh, Sophy? Can you listen to the song and tell me if it's good or not?" He asked.

"Yeah sure, Cal." I sit back down on the bean chair and wait for him to start.

"Well, here I go." He said and started strumming his guitar.



Here's to teenage memories



Here's to teenage memories

Can I call, wake you up on a Sunday?

Late night, I think we need a getaway

Headlights, hold tight, turn the radio loud (turn the radio loud)

Let me know where to go and I'll get you there

Tell the truth and I'll show you how to dare

Flashlights, held tight, we can own this town

Never say goodbye

So kiss me, kiss me, kiss me

And tell me that I'll see you again

Cause I don't know

If I can let you go

So kiss me, kiss me, kiss me

I'm dying just to see you again

Let's make tonight the best of our lives, yeah

Here's to teenage memories



(Here's to teenage memories)

Close your eyes you'll be mine and it's alright

Take a breath, no rest 'til the sunrise

Heartbeat, so sweet when your lips touch mine

We don't have to go home right now

We're never gonna stop cause we're dreaming out loud

We know what we want, we know were gonna get it somehow

Never say goodbye

So kiss me, kiss me, kiss me

And tell me that I'll see you again

Cause I don't know

If I can let you go

So kiss me, kiss me, kiss me

I'm dying just to see you again

Let's make tonight the best of our lives, yeah

Here's to teenage memories"

And he ends it right there. He really does have a nice voice. No wonder. I clap my hands at him.

"It was a nice song Cal! You did great!" I said. I admit, it really was a nice song. I liked it from the start.

"Thanks." He chuckles while scratching the back of his head.

"So what's the title?" I asked him.

"I haven't decided yet." He said. "What do you think would fit?"

"Idk. Kiss me, Kiss me? Sorry I'm not really good about that stuff." I scratch the back of my head.

"Perfect!" He said and wrote it on the paper.


"Kiss me, Kiss me. Great idea. Thanks Sophy. I think I should get you to help me in writing sometimes." He smiled at me. Really?

"Well, I should take a shower and get ready for dinner." I said and left the room.

"Hurry up okay? I haven't took a shower since morning!" I heard him shout.


Mali picked us up and went straight to the Hood's house. I admit they do have a nice house.

We enter their house and hugged my mommy, daddy, mom(calum's) and dad (calum's).

"It's really nice to have us all gathered tonight. Come on. Let's all go to the dining room." Mom(Calum's) said. I'm really getting used to a little bit in calling them mom and dad.

As we walk to the dining room, I see a shelf with 5SOS albums. Wow, he really had accomplished a lot.

We sat down on the dinner table, me between Calum and Ethan, infront of us was Mali, mommy and mom(Calum's) and our dads on the ends of the table.

We ate quietly until.

"So when are we gonna expect a grandchild, Cal?" Mom(Calum's) said. I nearly choked on the food I was eating. Calum coughed. All of them nodded

"Yeah that's right." Mommy added.

"Mom!" Cal exclaimed.

"What? Were really excited to know." Daddy said.

"No where near now." Me and Calum said at the same time. Wow he can read my thoughts XD

"Come on. Not that long now." My mom giggled.

"Be a man, Cal!" Dad(Calum's) said. Oh man, they're at it again. Asking for a grandchild.

"Were too young for that mom." I said.

"I've got a career too. It would ruin it." Cal said.

"No one will know Cal." His mom said

"You can do it." Mom encouraging us. Man,

After we finished dinner. We had a small chitchat in the living room then Ethan drove us home.

-our house-

"Man, I'm tired." I said while jumping on the couch. "I just wanna sleep. Right here, right now. I can't walk anymore." I mumble.

"Come on now. I don't want you sleeping here." Calum said.

"I'm fine." I mumble while my eyes were shut. Suddenly...

"H-hey! Put me down!" I scream but he still carried me to the bedroom and threw me on the bed.

"Won't you thank me."

"Thank you." I said while my eyes were shut. I feel my heart beat faster than usual and it hurts. Shit, I can't have an attack here, not infront of Calum. I open my eyes and went to the kitchen to get some water. I almost forgot to drink my meds. Phew that was a close one. I don't wanna have an attack in front of him. I don't want him pitying me. I walk back upstairs and changed into my pajamas and went to bed. I feel Calum beside me then I slowly drifted to sleep.

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