My Diary

Well, to be honest I don't quite know if i'll on here everyday but i'll try. My thoughts etc. Mainly what any person would put in a diary or journal.


2. 06/04/15

Well it's 7:32 in the morning. I didn't sleep at all last night and i'm still up. After a long night of watching anime and doing what ever I tend to do. It seems like a nice day outside, but i really don't know considering I hate the outdoors. Well I don't really hate being outside. I enjoy the rain, sun, clouds, stars, rivers, lakes, and just being outside. The only thing i hate about the outside is the bugs, I doubt that's all that i hate. Oh well, I wonder if I will be able to last all day. My sleep schedule is way of track. I'll either sleep two hours or twelve hours. Darn I was doing so well going to sleep at midnight. To think my moms birthday is in a week. I bought  her a small piece of cake because my dad gave me twenty dollars for a game for my xbox360. I liked the game for a few days. The name was Tales of Vesperia, it wasn't half bad. On Friday I just got this laptop because my other one quit working. It was a old one I had it only for a year then it quit working. But the computer before that computer was my moms and I didn't really take it I just used it a lot. But that one ended up breaking do to me throwing it at a wall two or three times. I had very bad anger issues at the time. My mom and dad are really the greatest parents on earth, but that's in my personal opinion. I do sometimes have a bad temper with them. Anyway i wonder what life has in store for me today. I also wonder how long i will be able to keep writing in this online diary. 

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