Interviews From Amazing Movellas Stars

Hello I am a new author, my name is Ember Valentina Waverly.
Welcome to my interview movellas where I interview talented movellas writers, who are the living proof of how amazing movellas is, and how gifted the movellians are. Movellas has helped so many incredible writers become even better. Read it to find our gems.


2. Gem Two: HeartTaunter

Next we have the great HeartTaunter, thank you for allowing me to conduct this interview.


1) What do you like most about movellas?

2) Who is your favourite movellas member and some of your favourite movellas?

3) Where do you get your inspiration to write?


1) I love the fact I am able to share my work in a safe and friendly environment where I know it will not be copied or mocked, whilst also receiving helpful feedback.:) 

2) My favourite movellas members are @MahoganyPumpkin™ and @Mirlotta. My favourite movellas are 'Dead to Rights', and any of Mahogany and Mirlotta's works. 

3) Anywhere, but mostly from things I've previously read or watched, and from the world around me, I suppose. I'm a bit stuck with inspiration at the moment though. :/

Thank you lovely HeartTaunter.

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