Interviews From Amazing Movellas Stars

Hello I am a new author, my name is Ember Valentina Waverly.
Welcome to my interview movellas where I interview talented movellas writers, who are the living proof of how amazing movellas is, and how gifted the movellians are. Movellas has helped so many incredible writers become even better. Read it to find our gems.


1. Gem One: Mirlotta

First, we have the one and only, the incredible movellian Mirlotta. Thank you Mirlotta for allowing me to conduct this interview.


1) What do you like most about movellas?

2) Who is your favourite movellas member, and your favourite movellas?

3) Where do you get your inspiration to write?

4) What is your favourite movella written by yourself?

5) Which character in your own movellas do you like the most?


1) The thing I like most about movellas is the community. Everyone is so nice and friendly, and they're very supportive and helpful with people's movellas and just in general. :) 


2) Haha, I have more than a few favourite movellians. ;) @ River_Summers ☕️ ,@Chloe_123_x , @Prodigy , @Tomato. ,


@MERECAT, @Raven711 , @Rhapsody ,@MahoganyPumpkin™ , and @HeartTaunter , are all great writers, and I have so many other favourites that I'd run out of characters trying to name them all. XD As for favourite movella, that title would have to go to either Surreptitiously Supercilious by River, or literally anything by @Rhapsody . 


3) Haha, my inspirations? Um... Loads of different things really. XD Some conversations and things I write about have actually happened to me, and some are just ideas I think up out of the blue. I guess those ideas will be influenced by other stuff though - like, I've written a movella about sirens and I'm really interested in Greek Myths, or I used to love Enid Blyton school stories like Malory Towers, so my movella Plunder is about a camp for criminal girls. 

4) My favourite movella by me is probably my poem 'Society's Child', though I have a special place in my heart for 'Plunder.', 'Poison', and 'The Painted Secrets of Carmelita Hawthorn'. God, that sounded waaayyyy too cheesy. XD

5) My favourite character in one of my own movellas would have to be...hmm... Yeah, can I get back to you on that one? XD I don't know - I like Adrian, from The Painted Secrets, or maybe the overly creepy, nameless narrator of my movella 'Lucky'. I also adore Bela, from my fanfic 'A Kiss with a Fist', but she's not technically my character, so 


Thank you the incredible Mirlotta.

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