The Ghost Who Came To Dinner

It was a bright July evening, not unlike every other July evening, not unusual in the slightest.


2. Discovery

Later, when everybody was seated at the table, enjoying their burgers, Jodie noticed a flash of white material round the corner of the house. Her suspicion was aroused and she excused herself, saying she needed the toilet.

Jodie crept around the outside of the house and shivered. Suddenly she was very cold. She kept walking and came to a small brick patio on which was a chair. Seated on the chair, with her back to Jodie, was a girl.

"Hey!" Jodie yelled, excited.

The girl turned around and a look of utter shock flashed across her freckled face, green eyes staring in fear, short blond hair ruffling in the breeze. She was wearing denim shorts and a white t-shirt.

"You're wearing the same clothes as me! Yo-You look like me! Who are you?"

"My name's Jodie," the girl said, staring, fascinated. "You'r3e NOT wearing the same clothes. Nor do you look like me!" but she mumbled that, and Jodie didn't hear.

"What? My name's Jodie. I thought you were a ghost."

"No, I'm not a ghost. You are."

"That's impossible!" laughed Jodie.

"Look at yourself."

Jodie looked down at her long dark hair, her white nightdress and her dark, glistening bloodstains and started screaming.

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