Love Don't Change

Maya and Justin have been friends since forever, but when Justin makes it big he forgets all about her, but she doesn't forget about him. Justin is a whole new life in LA, but when her and her friend Marisa decide that's where they want to go after graduation, Maya hopes that she will run into Justin and things will go back to where they left off. But boy is she wrong, will she stay and fight for love and friendship, or will she realize she is no longer apart of Justin's world and its time to move on.


2. Chapter Two.

*LA Arrival*

"Ugh finally you know how much I hate planes" Marisa complained. This was true she really did hate planes, Marisa has been afraid of planes since she read that if a bird gets caught in the spinning things on the plane it could blow up. Every time she saw a bird she would yell at it to go away. I told her that a bird is not going to blow up a plane but she doesn't listen to me.

"Okay let's find our rental car and head to the hotel I wanna shower and then go get something to eat." Marisa stated, I nodded and followed her. I feel so gross and sweaty so I just wanna take a shower and sleep but I know Marisa is not going to let that happen.

*At The Hotel*

I finally finished my shower, I was dressed in some blue skinny jeans and a sweatshirt that had "DOPE" written on it. Marisa came out in a maxi dress and her hair all nicely done along with her makeup. My hair was just in a messy bun and I barley put on makeup, I just put some mascara on and called it a day. I put on my TOMS as Marisa slipped on her sandals and we headed out the door.

Walking down the street I couldn't help but think about just wanting to run into Justin, I really hope this trip is worth it and I didn't waste my time and my moms money on this trip.

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