Love Don't Change

Maya and Justin have been friends since forever, but when Justin makes it big he forgets all about her, but she doesn't forget about him. Justin is a whole new life in LA, but when her and her friend Marisa decide that's where they want to go after graduation, Maya hopes that she will run into Justin and things will go back to where they left off. But boy is she wrong, will she stay and fight for love and friendship, or will she realize she is no longer apart of Justin's world and its time to move on.


3. Chapter Three.

•Justin's POV•

I was hanging out with Ryan as we tried to figure out something to do. He wanted stay in and play video games and I wanted to go out and have fun.

"Dude seriously let's just stay in for the night. We went out last night." Ryan complained.

"Come on just one more night I really just wanna go and have fun." I told him. He sighed and that's when I knew I had won.

"So let's get ready." I eagerly said and ran up to my room to get ready.

•Maya's POV•

"So what do you wanna do tonight, our first night in LA" I asked Marisa.

"Clubbing" she said all excitedly. I smiled and nodded. "Yay lets get ready" she said and I went to my luggage and started to find an outfit.


We arrived at the club and there was A LOT of people here. "Wow there is a lot of people here" I stated and Marisa nodded and we walked up to the bouncer and he let us in right away. We walked in and smiled, the first thing we did was hit the bar.

I was about 8 shots in and me and Marisa were having such a good time. We were getting hit on a lot, she was indulging in it but I just ignored almost everyone. I turned to go back to the bar and as I did that I hit someone and fell down.

"Ouch" I said

"Are you okay" the person asked

"Yeah" I said I stood up. "Than....Justin?" I was in complete shock as I saw him standing there, looking just as shocked as me.!

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