Love Don't Change

Maya and Justin have been friends since forever, but when Justin makes it big he forgets all about her, but she doesn't forget about him. Justin is a whole new life in LA, but when her and her friend Marisa decide that's where they want to go after graduation, Maya hopes that she will run into Justin and things will go back to where they left off. But boy is she wrong, will she stay and fight for love and friendship, or will she realize she is no longer apart of Justin's world and its time to move on.


1. Chapter One.

"Bye Maya"

I still remember those two words like it was yesterday, only those words that I can't get out of my head were spoken to me almost 4 years ago. I still can't believe that I can't get it out of my head. I know I should get over him, and by him I mean Justin Drew Bieber. Justin and I have been friends since I can remember, well we use to be friends. When Justin got signed we were friends for a few months, but as soon as became famous and got bigger and bigger, or friendship became smaller and smaller until he just stopped talking to me. I never thought he would just stop talking to me so easily, but I guess you never really know someone until they become famous.

"Maya, Marisa is here." My mom yelled up to me.

"Tell her to come up." I replied to my mom. Marisa is my best friend, we became really close freshmen year of high school. I can tell her anything and vise versa. She knows everything about Justin. When I first told her, she didn't believe that I knew Justin Bieber, she just thought I was a crazy fan-girl, so I showed her a few pictures from my child hood, and it still took her

sometime to believe that they weren't photoshopped. Once I convinced her, we became the best of friends.

"Hey love, miss me?" She asked as she strutted into my room.

"Of course, even tho we saw each other not even 24 hours ago" I stated with a little laugh.

"Thinking about Justin" She questioned, but I could tell she didn't wanna hear about him again, which I get, because I talk about him a lot.

"No, just thinking about places we could go for the summer." I lied but not really. Marisa and I graduated from high school a few weeks ago and our parents said we could go anywhere we wanted for the summer.

"How about LA. It's hot, amazing shopping areas, hot guys, celebs, beaches, and most importantly hot guys" I laughed at Marisa's list but o thought about what she was saying, the whole celeb thing. Justin lives in LA now, I read online he won't be touring for the summer so this could be awesome. Maybe I could see him and things could get back to the way they were.

"LA it is." Hopefully this works out.!

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