The Last Female Hunter

Angel Rhodes had a normal life. Her parents, brother, friends, college and sorority sisters. She had a life in which she never had to worry. That was until she cared for a drunken Dean Winchester.

The night she takes him back to his life, her parents are killed. She doesn't know why and wants answers. She wants Dean's help, but believes he's the reason for all of it even though he wasn't in town.

Years later, she's graduated from college and is a hunter. She tries to find the thing that killed her parents so she can end it once and for all. But after killing it, she can't help but continue to hunt to help others. She goes on another case when she runs into Dean on the same case. Since she's a hunter, he suggests they work together, even though it didn't work well in the past.

But will her hunting days with the Winchester boys create a friendship between them or will she leave once she gets the answers she wanted from the start?


1. Prologue

"Prick!" she yelled, storming out of the apartment. Grabbing her keys out of her pocket, she made her way to her '67 Camaro. She was currently having a good time with her friends at an initiation party for her new sorority sisters. Long story short, a drunk guy was hitting on her and she threw a drink in his face.

She pressed the unlock button on the key to her car once she made it. As she was about to open the door, she heard something from behind her. She furrowed her eyebrows in confusion. She was about to brush it off when she heard it again. She locked the door before walking away from her car towards the sound. She doesn't live in the off campus apartments and doesn't really know what goes on in the neighborhood.

As curious as she is, she walked into the direction of the sound. The more she walked, the louder the sound became. Eventually, she came across a little alley between two apartment buildings and saw two guys beating up another person who was on the ground. The guy on the ground was fighting to get up while the other two were pushing him back down. She walked closer towards the alley, getting a closer look. The two guys beating up the guy on the ground were college students she's seen around the campus before.

She walked out from behind a wall and started walking towards them. "Hey!" she yelled at them. The guys looked at her, letting go of the guy. She pulled out a flashlight, turning it on as she made her way towards them. They dropped the things they tried to steal and ran off just as she started walking faster. When they were gone, she turned off the flashlight and placed it in her pocket.

She knelt down beside the guy, trying to see the condition he was in. "Hey, are you alright?" she asked, slightly shaking him. He groaned, placing his hands on his head. Sighing, she reached for his things - which was a flask and a wallet - and handed them back to him. He mumbled a "Thanks" and stuffed the items in his pockets. She reached for his hand, hoping he would take it. Fortunately he did and she pulled him up. He almost fell over, but she held onto his waist and wrapped his arm around her shoulder.

"I got you," she said, helping him stand. She noticed that he reeked of alcohol, assuming he had too much to drink. "I'm gonna take you back to my place so this doesn't happen again, alright?" she asked the man. She felt his head nod on her shoulder, letting her know it was alright with him. She sighed as she helped him walk out of the alley and towards her car.


She laid him down on her bed. He passed out when they got in the car and since her roommates weren't there for the weekend, she had to drag him out of the car and into the apartment. Her roommates wouldn't be back until that Sunday evening and she prayed he would be gone by then so they wouldn't ask questions.

She placed a bottle of water and a container of Tylenol on the nightstand so he could take it when he woke up. She also had left the door open to her bathroom so if he happened to get up to puke, he wouldn't have any difficulty with getting into the bathroom fast enough. She had done this multiple times before, considering her boyfriend was an alcoholic after his mother died. He wasn't abusive when drunk, but he would act like a little kid when he was.

She placed her black fuzzy blanket on top of him, considering she took his jacket off. She wanted to clean it so if he had work, he wasn't smelling like alcohol. She did the same to her boyfriend, a small smile appearing on her face from the thought of him. Her boyfriend died of alcohol poisoning, hence the reason she hated alcohol.

She sat in the chair across the room, sighing as she looked at the man in her bed. She didn't think she would end up taking care of a drunk person that night, but she was thankful the guy wasn't trying to hit on her.


The next morning, she was in the kitchen cooking herself breakfast when she heard a groan coming from her bedroom. She stopped what she was doing before walking into her room. She found him holding his head as he sat up slowly. "Ugh, what the hell happened?" he asked. She chuckled before walking into her room. "Good morning to you, too," she replied. He looked at her, his eyes admiring her body. She rolled her eyes, crossing her arms over her chest. "My eyes are up here, pervert," she spat, causing him to look her in the eyes.

He looked on the nightstand and noticed the Tylenol and water next to him. He grabbed both, sitting one container in his lap as he opened the other. "I found you in an alley on campus being mugged. The guys ran off before they could take anything," she told him. He listened intently as he popped the pills into his mouth and swallowed them down with water. "I helped you back here because I didn't know where you lived and I took care of you since I couldn't just leave you out there for the boys to come back and possibly kill you," she continued.

He wiped his mouth before placing the two bottles on the nightstand. "You didn't have to, ya know," he said. "I know, but it was the right thing to do," she replied. He nodded before getting up from the bed. "Well, I made breakfast, so if you want any before I take you back to wherever you're staying, you best get to the kitchen," she smirked, walking out of the room. He watched her walk out, admiring her body once more. "You better not be checking me out or you get no food," she yelled.

Rolling his eyes, he got off the bed and walked out of her room. He saw her place two plates of food on the table as he sat down in a chair. He looked around the place, nodding at a few pictures and posters on the walls. "Nice place," he said, breaking the silence. She turned off the stove, looking back at him. "Thanks," she replied. "Is it just you or..." he started, hinting she should answer.

She grabbed two mugs, one with coffee and one with tea. "No, I have roommates. They're just gone for the weekend," she replied, placing the mugs on the table. She sat down in the seat next to him, about to eat when she saw a smirk appear on his face. "Are your roommates like you?" he asked, the smirk still evident on his face. She faked a smile as she pointed her fork at him. "Look, if you think I'm gonna play this 'game' with you, it's not happening. You better be glad I haven't kicked your ass yet for treating me like a piece of meat. Now don't ask any other questions unless it has to do with me as a person and not my body. Got it?" she spat.

His eyes widened in shock. No girl had ever spoken to him like that. Well, no 'normal' girl, that is. He rose his hands in defense, letting her know he'll back off. She nodded as they both ate in silence.


"This is where you live?" she questioned as she pulled up to the motel. He shrugged. "Not really," he replied. "My brother and I travel a lot." She nodded in understanding. On the way there, they got to know each other. His name was Dean Winchester. He had a brother named Sam and they did some hunting. She asked what they hunted, but he didn't really get into much detail about it. He had a feeling he could trust her, but he had to keep his distance or she would end up hurt.

Her name was Angel Rhodes. She had her parents and her brother. Her brother was older than her, but he wasn't the 'perfect child' her parents wanted him to be, causing her to have so much pressure pushed onto her since her brother wasn't like that. She didn't tell him all that, but told him she had a family a few minutes away. She told him her college life at the University of Kansas, how she was a sorority sister - which caused him to smirk - and what she wanted to do later in life.

He turned to look at her. "Thanks for taking care of my drunk ass," he said. She chuckled a little, but nodded. "You're not as bad as I thought," she said. He smiled, lowering his head. "Yeah, I guess," he muttered. He lifted his head and looked out the window. He went into his pockets and pulled out a card, handing it to her. She retrieved it and looked what it said. She scoffed at what was on the card.

"What?" he asked. She looked up at him. "FBI? Really? You don't even look like you would join the feds," she replied. He shrugged. "It's a way to get us to see the crime scenes from up close," he simply stated. "You know that's illegal, right?" she retorted. "I know, but half the stuff I do is illegal," he remarked. She shrugged, giving it to him. "But seriously," he added. "That's my real number. If you need any kind of help, and I mean any kind of help, just call this number and tell me where to find you so my brother and I can help."

She nodded, shoving it into her pocket. He unbuckled his seat belt and turned to her. "I hope we meet again, Angel," he said. "Same to you, Dean," she responded back. He opened his door and got out, looking at her one more time before shutting the door and walking away from the car. When she saw him unlock the door, she pulled out of the parking lot and drove off.


Every Saturday, she would always try to check in with her parents. Instead of calling, she'd rather speak to them in person. But something wasn't right about this night.

She recently pulled into the driveway of her parents house, seeing the lights were off. She raised an eyebrow in confusion. They always leave the lights on, she thought. From the door of the driver's seat, she pulled out her knife and mace and stuck them in her jacket pocket. She closed the door to her car, keeping it unlocked in case she needed to rush back to the car.

She slowly made her way towards the front door, trying to be cautious of what's around her. When she made it to the front porch, she knocked on the door. After the third knock, the door pushed open by itself. Her eyes widened in shock, stepping into the house. She turned the lights on and what she saw scarred her for life.

Her parents and her brother were lying on the floor, dead.

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