The Last Female Hunter

Angel Rhodes had a normal life. Her parents, brother, friends, college and sorority sisters. She had a life in which she never had to worry. That was until she cared for a drunken Dean Winchester.

The night she takes him back to his life, her parents are killed. She doesn't know why and wants answers. She wants Dean's help, but believes he's the reason for all of it even though he wasn't in town.

Years later, she's graduated from college and is a hunter. She tries to find the thing that killed her parents so she can end it once and for all. But after killing it, she can't help but continue to hunt to help others. She goes on another case when she runs into Dean on the same case. Since she's a hunter, he suggests they work together, even though it didn't work well in the past.

But will her hunting days with the Winchester boys create a friendship between them or will she leave once she gets the answers she wanted from the start?


2. Chapter 1: A Familiar Face

Angel's POV

I've had its trail since the last death. All of the victims were the same age and knew the same person. I knew I had it and knew what it was when I noticed the skin on the ground. Shapeshifters. I hated those things along with all the other things I hunt. Witches, changelings, wendigos, demons, vampires; the whole nine yards. They shed human blood or kidnap kids, they die. End of story.

I was currently in a warehouse, my silver blade and my gun loaded with silver bullets in my pockets. This was always my plan. Play bait until the damn thing came out. I would just walk around the building the thing was hiding out in and wait until it came out. I would always watch my back because there were cameras in the building, even though it was abandoned. I would hack into the system and see the video on my phone while I would walk around.

I heard movement, causing me to stop in my place. I smirked. Gotcha, I thought. I heard footsteps come towards me from behind. I looked down at my phone, seeing the figure come closer. I chuckled a little. I could feel them behind me, so I pulled out my gun as I turned around to face the figure. What I saw wasn't what I was expecting.

"Dean?" I asked, my eyebrows furrowing in confusion.

Dean's POV

I aimed my gun at the girl, furrowing my eyebrows. "How the hell do you know my name?" I asked, not lowering the gun. I swear I've seen this chick before, but it's hard to remember when all you do is hunt and you can't go out for a simple drink at a bar.

She shrugs, keeping her gun steady. "How do I know you're not a shifter?" she retorted. "What do you know about shifters?" I scoffed. This girl probably had no idea what they were. "I know they shed their skin before transitioning into looking like someone else and they can be killed by silver bullet or blade to the heart. Main reason why I have both," she informed.

Okay, so she knew her stuff. Big deal. "You know their skin burns when the silver touches them, right?" I asked, smirking. "Of course. All hunters should know that," she spat. "Then prove you're not a shifter," I challenged. "Fine. But you have to do the same," she said. I nodded and we both lowered our weapons.   She removed the knife from her jacket, rolling up one of her sleeves. She slid the knife across her forearm and it didn't burn. She wiped the blood off on her jacket and looked at me. "Got a knife of your own or use mine?" she asked. I grabbed the knife and did the same thing, proving to her I was no shifter. I wiped the blood off on my jacket and handed it back to her. She slid it in her jacket before putting the safety on her gun.

"You still didn't tell me how you knew my name," I said. She looked around, probably making sure there were no shifters around. "We met before. It's just been too long," she replied. I furrowed my eyebrows. Have I met her before? I may have, but it's blurry. When she turned around to look at me, I noticed her eyes and the tattoo under her collarbone. I could never forget that tattoo and now I finally remembered.

"Angel," I muttered.

Angel's POV

I heard him mutter something, but I was too busy looking around for a shifter to even listen to him. "Have you found any hostages?" I asked him when I was done scoping out the area. "No. My brother should be working on it," he said. I nodded, looking around once again. I don't know why, but I keep checking to see if any shifters are around. "Look, instead of just standing here, how about we just go find this thing ourselves?" I heard Dean suggest. I turned towards him, furrowing my eyebrows. "It's not going to come out if you stay in one place for a long period of time. It will just get bored and look for someone else," he informed. He had a point, though. But this was usually my routine and the damn things would come out.

I sighed. "Fine," I gave in, pulling my gun out once again. He nodded and did the same as we started walking in another direction. Hunting with other hunters isn't really my thing. That's only because I'm the only female hunter left. I can't work with any guys because all of the dudes have hit on me. Well, all except Bobby Singer. I met Bobby on a case in South Dakota once and we kinda saved each other. I was possessed by a demon and he exorcised it out of me. He was almost killed by a vampire when I injected it with Dead Man's Blood and decapitated it. We helped each other that day. He also gave me some advice on which hunters I can trust, that including Dean and Sam. I was confused on why Dean didn't tell me he was a hunter, but then I finally knew why. He didn't want to make any connections with people because they would end up hurt in the end. No wonder why he was looking me up and down that day.

We rounded a corner, finding a tall figure standing there. I was about to cock my gun when Dean placed a hand in front of me. "Sam?" he asked. The figure turned around, his gun pointing at us. Dean held up his hands in defense. "Whoa, Sammy. It's just me," he said. "Who's the girl?" the man -- who I assumed was Sam -- asked. His gun was still raised in his hands. "Just an old friend. Her name's Angel. She's a hunter like us," he explained. "Sure she's not a shifter?" he questioned. "Sure you're not one yourself?" I snapped. "We checked, Sam. Not a shifter and I'm not either," Dean replied, ignoring what I just said. Sam lowered his weapon, believing what we said was true.

I pulled out my phone again, looking at the footage. I didn't see anything unusual, so I placed it back in my pocket. I looked up and saw another me behind Sam. Dean noticed, too, aiming his gun. "Sam, duck!" he shouted. Sam dropped and we both shot at the other me before it could attack. It dropped to the floor in a pool of its own blood. The both of us lowered our guns and walked towards the dead shifter. Dean kicked it and it didn't move, telling us it was dead. I placed my gun in my jacket pocket, sighing in relief that this thing was over.


I packed my weapons in my trunk, slamming it shut. As I turned back around, there were the two Winchester boys walking towards me. "Nice shootin'," Dean complimented. I nodded in thanks, too tired for a verbal response. "Last time we met, you were in college. What happened to that?" he asked. I scoffed. "Is he always this nosy?" I asked his brother. Sam chuckled. "Only with girls," he answered. I bit my lip, nodding. "Seriously, Angel," Dean said. "What happened to college?" "I finished. It was my junior year when we met and I graduated the year after," I replied. "Then why are you a hunter?" Sam asked.

I sighed, running my fingers through my hair. "Look, I'm not in the mood for story time. I'm tired and I've been searching for that son of a bitch all week. I'll answer all your questions when I'm fully awake," I explained. They nodded, letting me know they understood. I grabbed my keys from my pocket and unlocked my car. "Anyways, I'll head back to my place and you head to yours," I said. Before either of them could reply, I got into my car and drove off.

Dean's POV

We stood there and watched her drive off, thinking about what she said. I shrugged, walking toward the Impala. "Dean?" I heard Sam ask just as I unlocked the car. "Yeah?" I said, looking at him. "How do you know her? You never mentioned her before and she now shows up?" he asked. I looked down, not really knowing what to say. I never mentioned her to Sam because it wasn't important. He didn't need to know what happened after we split to solve separate cases. In fact, he didn't need to know about her at all. Now she's a hunter and she's doing cases we missed or haven't gotten to yet.

I looked back up at him. "Honestly, Sam? She kinda saved my life," I said truthfully. It was true. She did save me from almost getting killed by two random college boys and for me, that's unusual. Since I'm used to getting beat up by angels, demons, vampires, leviathan and other things, it's not normal for me to get beat up by some random guys who had no clue I carry a gun with me everywhere. Then again, I was drunk and don't remember it. I only know because she told me.

"As in emotionally?" Sam asked with a smirk. "Shut up," I spat, getting into the driver's seat.

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