robbers (Harry Styles)


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naively enthusiastic or idealistic; failing to recognize the practical realities of a situation.


When I look at the night sky full of blazing stars, I feel as if I'm standing in the middle of the universe alone wondering if there are any other alien creature thinking the same thing as me .

The sky is as beautiful to me as it is deadly , and I guess that's how we can relate . It's bright as your wildest dreams but dark as a nightmare. It can set you free, or trap you in invisible barriers that confine and leave you heavy with desperation.

But the sky is home. It's a reminder we are this tiny blue spec in this infinite universe . To others it's scary as hell ,but to me it's comforting .

However this particular night was anything but comforting . It's suffocating, with the dark clouds pressing in as if to crush you, and then pressing the point with a sudden flash of lightning, thunder rumbling like a hungry monster a split second later. It's suffocating , to stargaze with a fucking mask on , it's cotton skin clinging to mine .

"Melody!" My friend Cora yelled out at me . I looked over at her with surprised widen eyes , "For fucks sake , stop looking at the sky and check behind us ." Her dried bloody hands gripping the little bit of money we had stole . Her hand rested upon her knee as she took in deep breaths .

Siren's Blared in the distance getting closer and closer with each ragged breath. "Shit! Run!" I whispered harshly to her .The could night air coursed through my lungs and dried my already parched throat. My heart was beating so fast, I was scared it would lead the cops right to me. That, or it would burst out of my chest. Both options sounded rather unappealing.

In through my nose out through my mouth, I remembered from gym class . After wiping away the beads of sweat on my forehead I took in my surroundings. Panting harshly looking around frantically for a way to escape .

"This way." I whispered checking behind us once more . Before running so fast feeling as if I launched into the another alley at full speed I had my arms stretched out in front of me as I ran. If this path led to a dead end I wanted a bit of warning before colliding with a brick wall.

My pace picked up and I thanked god when I saw the dim shine of a dying street light on the other side of the alley.


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