Midnight Poems

A book of all my poems and sorts.


3. 4. I cry

I cry By Anna

I'm falling apart

I'm dying

I'm hurting

You still don't care,

you just sit there

You tease

You taunt

You leave me here

I'm trying but darling inside I'm crying

no one sees

why are they blind?

When it comes to me they just hide

They look at me

They talk like they don't know

I know there are trying

but I'm still the one crying

They don't see the pain

They don't see it across my face

I smile, I put up an act

I hide behind the mask

They don't see the tears,

that always seem to be there

That's okay

I'm fine


The pain just doesn't end




you laugh and act like you don't know

That you're the reason why I cry 




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