Hidden Love✗njh

Riley and Niall have been best friends for over 10 Years,As they grow older they develop feelings for each other. What happens they start dating other people will they realize the hidden love or will they be stuck with the people they don't really love?

^^^^Cliche i know��


8. Chapter 8☽♡➶

Chapter 8

Riley's POV

When the doorbell rang I nearly passed out. I was so nervous, I couldn't screw this up. I walked calmly to the door. "Hey Cal." To be honest he looked more nervous than me he just keep smiling. "I'll be right back i gotta grab my purse." I dashed to the kitchen and yelled goodbye to Niall and parents. I took a deep breath and exited the house. "You ready?" Calum asked "yep." I said nodding. Calum immediately dashed over to the passenger side of the car to open the door for me. I giggled to myself at his sweetness. I watched him close the door behind himself and run over to the drivers side to get in himself.We drove to the movie theater and got our tickets. We decided to watch a comedy movie. Once we were inside the theater the immediate smell of popcorn and cotton candy hit me. It smelt wonderful. For snacks we ordered a large popcorn and we decided to share a large soda to be more romantic.

***After the Movie***

We walked out the movie theater laughing our asses off. We joked about about all the funny things in the movie,and even made new jokes from that. I enjoyed hanging out with Calum he was always positive and had nothing bad to say but he also had a little edge the him that you couldn't describe it was absolutely...hot. As we pulled up into the Waffle House,a huge smile spread across my face lots of childhood memories were held here, my family literally lived here. I turned to Calum and decided to be bold...I decided to kiss him on the cheek. Yea i was embarrassed but i was caught in the moment i was having a fantastic day with a great guy so why not...right? At first just he just stared then he blushed and after a while he began to smile and he kissed me on the cheek "come on lets go eat." I smiled and nodded. "Ahh,Riley long time no see!" Hannah yelled rushing over to give me a big hug. I immediately hugged her back and smiled even bigger remembering old childhood memories. "Ive missed you." I finally say "i see you have a lovely date." Hannah says brightly we both look to Calum. He blushes and gives a shy wave. "Come let me seat you guys." I grab Cal's hand and we follow behind Hannah to our table. "What can i get you two darlings to start off with." "Two orange juices." Calum says with a smile. Hannah nodded and disappeared into the back to fulfill our orders. "Who is that?" Calum finally asked. "Family friend." I say smiling **Flashback** it was my fifth birthday and i was extremely excited. Mom had curled my hair down just how i liked it. I wore my special birthday suit which was my pink shirt that "queen" in black printing and my black mini shirt. To complete my outfit i wore my black Keds and put a big sparkly bow in my hair. Everyone was ready and we loaded the car for my birthday party surprise. At the time we didn't have enough money for a big extravagant party,but mom did promise me she do something special for me. When we pulled up to the waffle house,i put a frown on my face. I was not going to have a birthday party at a stupid diner. I threw a fit. Kicking,screaming,biting you name it. My dad finally got me to call down, but i was still angry. We finally went inside and we went to a table specially designed for me. It had everything all the princess and fairies and presents I wanted. I sat down by my best friend Niall. And the whole time we laughing and joked around not giving a flying fuck about the world. When our meals finally came we talked about past memories both good and bad we made lots of cheers to joy. It was finally time to open my presents. I got almost everything i wanted. I got the baby doll of my dreams and the doll house of my dreams,but I didn't get my dream pet...a pet German shepherd. I was snapped out of my thoughts by the singing of "Happy Birthday to you!" A few waitresses of Waffle House brung the chocolaty cake to our table. We all laughed and enjoyed the yummy cake. After a long brunch,when I returned home i had a big surprise waiting for me. My very own German Shepherd. I decided to name her "Prism".Ever since that night Waffle House has been like a second home to us. **Flashback over**

I relived the whole entire memory in my head. Calum reached his hand across the table and we caressed each others hands for a short while."Riley..i don't wanna move to fast but i really like would you like to be my girlfriend?" I smiled and winked at him. "I thought you'd never ask." He smiled and kissed my hand gently. We dined and ate our meal in happiness.

**At Riley's House**

"Thanks for taking me out Cal, i really enjoyed myself." He gave a me hug and a quick kiss on the cheek. "No problem, it was my pleasure." He walked me to my front door, and i gave him one last hug,before I went inside. I ran up the stairs to my room to tell Niall about my amazing afternoon. "Hey,lazy bitch." I yell. Niall fell out of my bed and i laughed at his clumsiness. "How was your date?" Niall ask scratching his head."Oh,thats great i really need to talk to you though." "So do i!" I said all too excitedly "You first." Niall smiled. "CAL ASKED ME TO BE HIS GIRLFRIEND!" i yell. "Oh" Niall says looking kind if hurt. "We had a phenomenal afternoon,his such a gentleman i think I really love him you know.""Thats uhh...great" he says sadly. "Thanks..so uhh what is it you need to tell me?" "Uhh..nothing i gotta go catch Luna." On the inside I scoffed at Luna but on the outside I smiled. "Oh ok catch ya later!" I smile "catcha later." Later he says walking passed me. What the hell?!? I i ask to my self no kiss or hug goodbye? Is Niall jealous? No couldn't be I have to get over this puppy love stupid little pity crush."


Ayyy!!🙆🏽 so wat did ya think?? I have so much planned im so excited !!😜😏😱

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