Hidden Love✗njh

Riley and Niall have been best friends for over 10 Years,As they grow older they develop feelings for each other. What happens they start dating other people will they realize the hidden love or will they be stuck with the people they don't really love?

^^^^Cliche i know��


6. chapter 6 ☽♡➶

Chapter 6

Riley's POV

today...was the day i found out if i was a cheerleader or not i was so nervous. When i went downstairs to eat breakfast I couldn't eat. Luckily my mom got me to drink a strawberry banana smoothie she made. When i finally got to school i went straight for the main hall to see if i made the cheerleading team. I read the names until finally i got to my name and not only did i make the team i was cheer captain. I jumped up on down like a crazy person i was majorly excited. "What's wrong slut are you throwing a tantrum cause you didn't make the team?"Luna taunted. I rolled my eyes and stepped aside to text my mom and tell her i i made the team. "NO WAY!...NO WAY!...NO WAYYY!." Luna screamed i will not be Co captain to this BITCH!" Luna turned to me "Don't feel so full of yourself you ugly dirty little bitch." Im still more superior than you,and don't you ever forget I have Niall and NOT YOU!" I stood there silent quite as a mouse..but i couldn't do that this time..I couldn't let her just walk all over me chew me up and spit me out,I had to stand up for myself." "You know what Luna." I started " your just jealous of what Niall and i have our friendship our love for each other,you may have the title of being his girlfriend but I'm his family and family always comes first." She turned to me and straight forward said "I loath you Bitch, You just made a tragic fatal mistake I told you to stay away but you decided to stay the stupid little stuck up bitch you are... This is not a threat its a promise she said with a smirk. She wiggled her eyebrows and said "were gonna play fire with fire." She crossed her arms and smiled. "This is war Luna" i said " Oh sweetie its not a war if i keep winning." She winked to me and flipped her golden luscious long hair. "Hey beauties" Niall said walking up to us and kissed and cheek and walked up to Luna and sucked face with her (a/n he made french kissed her i was trying to be funny😂😂). Gross. Before they walked off Luna gave me an evil smirk. I turned around in the opposite direction to walked to my locker. "Hey uhm Riley?" I turned to my left,quickly erasing the thoughts of Luna earlier to face the handsome Calum.

"Oh hey Calum,Whats up?" "I was wondering if you would uhm.. Like to uhm go out this weekend.. I mean only if you want to." Calum said shyly play with his dark hair. I smiled to myself Calum was absolutely adorable,cute,and sweet of course I would go out with him. I hugged Calum at first he was shocked but then i felt his hands on my waist. They were warm and full of hope. "I would love to go on a date with you." I said with a smile.We exchanged numbers and as any gentleman would Calum walked me to my first period class. There was still five minutes left before class started. So I decided to sit next to Niall to chat. I immediately told him about my date with Calum. Niall looked kinda of angry when i told him. But i just figured it was my brain messing with me since I've had a crush on him forever.


Lunch time


At lunch we sit in a group which consists my two best friends Kylie and Kendall,who were sisters. We also sat with Louis and Harry who were Niall's friends. And now Luna sits with us. Today Calum walked over to our table. He looked to me as if in question to see if he could sit with us. I pointed to the empty sit next to me. And Calum smiled and sat next to me. "So, since Halloween is coming fast approaching i decided I would throw a rockin Halloween party and you and all you rad bitches are invited." Luna said with a smile. A collection of "cools" and "sure i can make it" erupted the table. Luna looked at me and kissed Niall on the cheek and started to play with his hair. I rolled my eyes and started to talk to Calum. Lunch was soon over and we all said "goodbye" to each other. I started my walk to third period " so uhh you like Calum huh?"Niall asked. "Uhh...yea i guess his really cute and he seems super sweet." I responded with a smile. "Cool" he said with looking at the floor. "You ok?" I asked tucking a piece of hair behind my eat. "Yea..yea absolutely..i just want to make sure his not a some jerk and he doesn't fuck you up you know." I smiled at the blonde haired goofy boy in front of me. "I love that you always want to protect me." I went in to hug him and we stayed that way until the bell rang to get to class. I kissed his red adorable cheeks and walked to class. I loved Niall. But I think things are really gonna work well with Calum. I don't know what to expect with the situation.

Authors Note


Hiya😚💕 i hope you guys liked this chapter ,i decided to add Kendall and Kylie Jenner and also Louis Tomilson and Harry Styles!I kinda did I'm new to writing so please no hate😁😇☼❥➳ let me know if you have any ideas thanks for reading 👌🏽💕😚💭

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