Hidden Love✗njh

Riley and Niall have been best friends for over 10 Years,As they grow older they develop feelings for each other. What happens they start dating other people will they realize the hidden love or will they be stuck with the people they don't really love?

^^^^Cliche i know��


5. chapter 5 ✷❥ ➳

Chapter five

Riley's POV

This school year i wanted to be different. And to do that I decided to try out for the schools cheerleading team. I dressed in my white Nike shirt that read "just do it" with the Nike logo. I paired that with my neon yellow Nike tennis shoes. In the schools bathroom i smoothed on some nude light pink lipstick fore extra fierceness and tied my hair into a high tight ponytail and paired it with a black bow to look extra cute. "No way...is that Riley Alaska Jones?" "Oh umm uh hi..Luna." I said startled. She started walking closer to me "So you think you can make the cheerleading team huh?" She said with a pout "um i..i..i don't know." I answered shakily. I watched the evil smirk of hers come upon her face. "Well good lucky sweetie"she said blowing me a kiss with her eyes squinted. I backed against the wall, all my confidence snatched away from me. I looked at myself in the mirror and said to myself i can do this i puckered my lips and marched out the bathroom with the thought of punching Luna in my head. First we got out height and weight taken. I was assigned for that to be taken by a woman named Mrs.Richards she took my weight then my height. The kind looking woman looked up from her clipboard and smiled at me and said "you would make a great flyer for the team" (a/n in case you don't know what a flyer is a flyer is the person who goes in the air and flips and stuff during the stunts💕) "thanks" i said with a smile. I walked to start the stretches the lady ahead was demonstrating for us to do. Finally it was time for me to audition. "Riley Alaska Jones" i heard the couch call out. The music to "Bang Bang" by Jessie J boomed through the gym. I began my routine with various flips and stunts and cheerleading moves. Once i was finished i was awarded an applause. I curtsied and walked to the bathroom to freshen up my make up. Once i was finished I drove home. "HI MOM,HI DAD" i yelled kicking off my shoes at the front door. My mom walked up to me and gave me a big hug "honey go get dressed we are going out to eat to celebrate your boldness for trying out for the cheer squad." She said with a smile.


45 minutes later


Once we entered olive garden i felt relaxed by the delicious smell of tomato sauce and pasta. An old man escorted us to our table. "Enjoy" he said before walking off. "Hello my name is Janie i will be your waitress for you this evening what can i get you started with. I ordered my usual raspberry lemonade and Caesar salad to start off with. I watched as the sandy browned haired woman took my mom and dads appetizer order. "I will be right back with your appetizers" our waiter smiled and dashed off to put in our starter meal. "So sweetie how do you think you did" my dad started "Riley?! Oh how nice to see you here on this splendid evening." I nearly choked on the piece of breadstick i was eating when i saw it was LUNA! "Oh hi Luna!" I smiled she ran over and gave me a big fat hug. "WOW! What a fake i thought to myself!" "You must be Mr. And Mrs. Jones, Hi I'm Luna, Niall's girlfriend!" Luna continued. I glared at the exchange of hand shakes between my parents and Luna. "Your daughter is extremely talented,her tryout were phenomenal, I guarenas Riley will get in."she said to me with a wink. "Thanks" i say with an annoyed voice. More small talk occurred my parents and Luna,i just sat and scowled. Luckily our waitress approached with our appetizers and drinks. "Well i better get going,it was so lovely such kind people." Luna beamed. "Nice meeting you too" my mom added obviously impressed with Luna. I watched Luna and how she sashayed fiercely away. As we began to eat my mom started to talk about Luna. "What a sweet girl." "Puh..lease I thought to myself." I have to say Riley you were being extremely disrespectful,there was Luna showering you with compliments and you didn't even compliment her back."my dad added. I lost all words Luna had worked her magic and charmed her magic with her awesomeness. I just stuck my head done lost in thought over what I would do with my life.

Authors Note

Sorry for not updating for so long! Im very lazy😂😂 but I promise i will update more!! Thank you all for reading this it means so much to me😚😚💕 leave comments if you don't like anything of if you have any ideas Thanks-M🙆🏽💕☺️

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