Hidden Love✗njh

Riley and Niall have been best friends for over 10 Years,As they grow older they develop feelings for each other. What happens they start dating other people will they realize the hidden love or will they be stuck with the people they don't really love?

^^^^Cliche i know��


25. Chapter 24△☪♢



"Calum are you ok?" i ask opening the car door for him

 "Yea my nose feels like shit but other than im alright."

"im sorry."

"That kid would do anything for you."


"Dont be naive Riley...its pretty obvious his in love with always has been..its why i..uh broke up with you."

"Niall isn't in love with me." i shake my head lying to myself

calum sighs. i pull up to his house and help him inside. 

after i get him settled down on the couch i walk into the kitchen and fill a Ziploc bag with ice.

"here this should." i slowly apply the bag of freezing ice to Cal`s nose

he winces in pain 

"it will get better..im gonna go find you a bandied" I flash a sympathetic smile

Once i return back with the nose bandage and pain ointment Calum is laying on the couch eyes closed.

he looked so adoarble.

but i couldn't fall for him again..i couldn't get my heart shattered into a million pieces.

i rub some the ointment onto the bandage and gently apply it to Calum`s nose.

he flutters his eyes open and slowly sits up.

"can you stay the night riles?"

i let out a hesitant sigh ... i didnt want Calum to think we would have sex.

"we dont..."

"sure why not." i cut Calum off because i knew he was gonna say that we didnt have to have sex.

"though it would be lovely."he smirks

"calum you cheeky boy." i lightly punch his shoulder and laugh

"hey..ive been beatin enough foe one day." he raises an eyebrow

"i can still beat your ass." i smirk

and we laugh together.

"i missed this..i miss you.."

"calum stop." i shake my head

"no Riley i want us again."

"Calum i can`t ok."

"why not?"

"i cant afford to get heartbroken again you know what happened i`m not ready for a relationship now." i try to sound as sympathetic as possible 

"i understand." he solemnly nods his head

"but i still love you..not as a boyfriend girlfriend kin of love more like a big bro-best friend kind of love." i poke his ribs with elbow

"i love you too riles." he pulls me into a hug 

the doorbell rang so i decide to get up yo answer

"you stay i will go answer the door." 

Calum nods and clicks on the tv

i sigh and continue to the door

"here to continue your beating?" I scowl and cross my arms at Niall

"no...i came to talk to you."

"well i don`t want to talk to you." 

"Riley please this is important."

"everything alright." Calum intrudes making things worse

"yes everything is fine lay back down." 

"no what this ass tries to crack on you next."

"i would never hurt Riley..."

"oh yeah sure you little shit."

"i would never hurt Riley i love her."


"see Riley i told you he loves you always has been always will and you love him too its why you just rejected me."

"Calum that's not true don't say that."

"so you don`t love me back?" Niall sighs

"of course i love you Niall."

"see you just confessed you love him."

"not as a..."

"you know what just leave i can take of myself tonight."



i sigh and step outside calum shuts the door behind me. leaving behind an angry Niall.

"Niall wait."

"just fuck off you don't love me anyway." Niall waves me off walking to his car

i finally let the hot tears that I`ve been holding finally fall from my eyes.

i finally gather enough of myself together to began to walk home.

what in the hell just happened.

as i walk home the cool autumn air burns my cheeks causing them to turn red. without a jacket i was shivering like crazy.the cars rush on the road beside me.

~~~ 10 minutes later~~~

i finally got home after about ten minutes in the cold.

"Riley you look horrible!" my mom shrieked and ran up and hugged me

once again i started crying

"oh I`m so sorry honey come on lets get you some tea."

i sniff and wipe away some tears. i snuggle up on the couch with a thick warm blanket around me

i click on the tv and Spongebob comes on. i missed the old days were nothing mattered. fun was playing with dolls and watching cartoons. People didn't care about your weight and what you wore. and the closets thing to love was poking each others cheek.

i missed those days. life was so simple. so happy.

Prism jumps on the couch and rests her head on my lap. i gently smooth her fur coat.

mom walks in with my cup of tea.

"feel like talking about?"

"no" i shake my head

"ok I`m here for you if you need me." she smiles and kisses my head 

my mom so sweet. she loved continuously even though i was a total bitch to her the past few days.

i sip my tea and continue watching cartoons.

my phone went off.

it was a phone call from... Kylie.

as if things couldn't get any worse.

  "Riley I`m so sorry I`m over Calum i swear."

"whatever Kylie just fuck off." i scoff and end the call.

I chuck my phone across the room and sob into the pillow.

~ 2 am~

my phone was flashing all the way across the living room from when i had thrown it earlier. i guess i had fell aslepp downstairs.

i get up and grab my phone.

"go away Kylie." i shake my head in disguised

"Riley its Kendall,Kylie is the hospital she tried to commit suicide." 



so much happend!




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