Hidden Love✗njh

Riley and Niall have been best friends for over 10 Years,As they grow older they develop feelings for each other. What happens they start dating other people will they realize the hidden love or will they be stuck with the people they don't really love?

^^^^Cliche i know��


22. Chapter 22△☪♢


I was in my room cuddled under my warm blankets watching netflix stuffing my face with candy. I was stuffing my face with candy. I was still mad about the whole Kylie thing. How could she...my very own best friend.

"Knock,knock." My mom smiles walking into my room

"Hey mom." I sit up

"So uhh we need to talk..." She nervously bites her lip and fiddles with the ends of her dark hair

I nod slowly "mom...."

"Honey...I haven't been there for you for a while now."

"yeah i know you busy."

"No." She shakes her head a tear streaming down her face

"that car accident made me realize how much of a bad parent I've been."

"Aww mom...its ok." I wipe her hot tears with the palm of my hand

"Seeing you in the hospital was horrible the cuts the blood...." She started to get choked up so i gave her a hug

"Riley I love you..."

"I love you too mom."

"It feels so good that hear you say that." She smiles

"I quit my job so i can be closer to you." She sniffles wiping away more if her tears

"You didn't have to do that..." I shake my head shocked

"Yes Riles i did." Mom kisses my forehead

I start to blush...I actually felt happy i got to be closer to my mom and have someone to talk too.

"Riles...?" Mom asks nervously


"Promise you won't get too upset when i tell you this?" Mom sighs

"Promise." I giggle

"I know you've been...cutting." She grabs her wrist and gently strokes it

"Ye...yeahh.." I feel a big lump form in my throat

"I signed you up for a Therapy group." She sighs.

"What the hell?!" I jerk out of bed.

"Riley i did this cause i love IM not gonna let you cut yourself to death because you feel lonely or depressed."

"Mom I'm fine...I'm happy..please don't do this to me." I plead

"I wish I didn't have to do this to you Riley...but i...have no choice...your my daughter..i love you very much."

"Whatever." I roll my eyes looking the opposite direction off her

"The first meeting is tommy at 12."

"I'll be ready 11:30..." I coldly throw back

She sighs one more time before walking out my room.

How did a nice sentimental moment go to fucking up my life?

Not interested in Netflix i put on some music. The first song that pulls up is Ghost by Halsey.

I was mad as hell with my mom. How could she do this to me.

I looked at myself in the mirror.

I stared back at the dark brown haired hazel eyed girl. I realized i was bored with her.

I was bored with my virgin undyed hair.

I was bored with my good girl reputation.

I was bored with...my life.

I needed a change.

Something new....

I slowly creep down the steps.

Prism lets a out a pant. I quickly shush her and pat her head gently.

I continue my lerk by continuing to quietly get to my car.

As soon as i get in my car i automatically pull out the driveway.

I pull up the Walgreens and walk inside.

"Hello,welcome to Walgreen's" greeted one of the Cashiers.

"Hi." I wave back. I start to look for the Hair dye section.

I grab a couple different random colors before i head back to the cashier.

"Oh!" I fall to the floor all the hair dye fumbling around in a mess around me.



"Im sorry I bumped into you i guess...I didn't see where i was going." Luna plays with her hair. I slowly get back and start to recover the hair dye I dropped.

"Why are you apologizing,don't you wanna make my life a living hell?"

"Look...i know..."

"Save it Luna..." I cut her off "I understand you don't like me I will leave you and Niall alone." I start to walk away

"Niall broke up with me!"


"He dumped me for you...then I realized i was wrong...i was never his number one girl...you were..i was jealous of that so i made you suffer by throwing hell your way...and I'm so fucking sorry..I understand if you like beat up..just don't punch my boobs..that really hurts."

I laugh at Luna's last little comment.

"I cam forgive you...but i can never forget..all this time I've felt worthless and ugly and..."

I look up to see Luna in tears.

She shakes her head "I'm such an ass." She sobs

I walk over to Luna and wrap my arms around her

"Yes...you were an ass." I giggle

"But you realize your mistake now and you took the high road and apologized...i forgive you..all though i will never forget." I smile

"Thank you Riley." She squeezes me back

"Friends?" She reaches her hand out for me to shake

"Friends." I smile and shake her hand


Call my crazy for letting Riley forgive Luna :) ]

After i had purchased my hair dye I returned home.

Luna was on in her way over to help me dye my hair.

"Hey Riles." Luna smiles walking in with the pizza.

"hey!" I smile back

"I figured we could eat first then get started with the dye."

"Sure." I shrug

I open the greasy box full of heaven.

I grab one slice and smile against the awesome taste of pizza.

While eating the pizza Luna and i jam out to Nirvana and Green Day. Once we were finished eating we finally started on my hair.

"ready to see?!" Luna blushed giggling

"Hell yeah!" I squeal

She spins my chair around.

"Oh my God!" I gasp

I bounce with my newly colored hair.

"Thank you so much! I love it!" I pull Luna in a big hug.

"Welcome." She blushes (wait till the end to see her hair)

"Wanna watch a movie before you go?"

"Sure!" She smiles

I walk over and in The Book Thief my all time favorite movie.

I quickly run downstairs and grab candy and soda.

I return back to my room and toss Luna a box of skittles and bottle of sprite.

At the end of the movie I'm sobbing in tears.

"Rudy didn't deserve to die." I manage to get out in between sobs

"He was fucking cute." Luna sobs with me

We clean up our faces afterwards Luna heads home.

By the time she left it was already 11:45 at night so i just decided to turn in and go to sleep.


I recommend reading Book Thief and watching the movie its so fucking sad u cry just thinking about it.(its my all time fav book and Movie) ]

The sweet smell of brewed coffee wakes me up in the morning.

I roll out of bed and open my blinds.

It was a damp,humid but sunny day.

Not in the mood to dress up i throw on some high waisted shorts,black crop top,and black and white flannel. I brush my hair down and put part of it up leaving it in a half up half down style. I felt like being dark and gloomy today so i just put on black winged eyeliner and my dark purple lipstick. I slid into my white keds and grab my phone to head downstairs.

"Mornin." Mom smile ls sliding me a stack of warm pancakes

I grab the plate and walk to the table.

"Still mad at me huh?" She places a cup of coffee my my side

I take the cup of coffee and sip not saying a word.

"Im doing this cause i love you Riley." She says before walking back into the kitchen.

I finish my food a little later and enter in the dish washer.

Mom still wasn't ready so i sit down and play with Prism. It had been a long time since i had played with her. It was pretty obvious she was getting old too. She rolls and and i rub her belly.

"You big baby." I giggle

"Alright lets go!"

I get up from the couch "bye Prism.." I wave I petting her head.

She looked kinda sad from our brief embrace but she hobbled off to her food bowl.

I smiled before walking off to the car.

"So uhh i arranged for you and Cal to uhh hang out afterwards..."

"Great the only good thing of my day today."

I roll my eyes.

Mom closes her eyes and lets out a deep breath

She did that to stay calm I could tell i was making her really mad but I didn't care.

We pull up to the support group..it was a small brown little church.

"I'll see you later Riley..."

"bye." I get out the car and slam the door before trudging into the church.

I walked inside and sat down in a seat in the very back near the entrance. there weren't many people here. There were a few dressed really goth...all black dark makeup..black lipstick. A fee of the happy ones which had no reason to be here..the shy ones who say quietly biting there lips and then finally the normal ones..but what is normal these days.

"Helooo!" A nice girl who looked around her early twenties walked in.

"Im Justine!...i will be your counselor!" She smiles.

Already annoyed with just her voice i roll my eyes and stretch out to make my myself comfortable.




I feel sonething hit my neck instantly annoyed i turn around

"What the hell?"

"Come on." Calum laughs.

"What are you doing?" I laugh

"Saving you from this shithole." Calum smirks

"Thanks." I whisper

I get up to walk out

"Hey miss?" Justine calls out

"Oh I'm just gonna go to the restroom I'll be right back." I give my best sweet girl voice and smile

"Oh come back quickly were gonna start soon." She smiles giving a thumbs up.

"I'll be back before you know it." I smile giving a thumbs up back.

She nods before talking to another one of the people there.

I laugh walking outside joining Calum.

"That was awesome thank you!" I leap into his arms giving him a hug.

"Lets get some lunch."

"Yeah." I nod hopping into the passenger side of the car.

"I'm just gonna order wings when we get to my house."

"Sounds like a plan." I play with the ends of my hair

"Rad hair babe." Calum smirks

"Thanks babe." I wink back

We both burst out into laughter together.

I turn up the radio Cal and i sing along to the cheesy pop songs.

I couldn't help but reminisce over our relationship.

I almost started to cry but we pulled up to his house.

I walk out the car and into Cal's home.

"I'll order the wings you choose the movie." Cal walks off to grab the house phone to order the food.

I pick out Divergent and snuggle up on the couch.

Calum walks in just in time for all the Ad's had went off.

He settled down next to me and wrapped his masculine arm around me.

I nestled my head against his chest.

He felt so warm...so peaceful...i just wanted to stay like that all day.

About twenty minutes into the movie the delivery man came with the food.

I paused the movie so we could load our plates with wings and fries.

"Thank you Calum!" I deeply bite into the crispy piece of chicken.

"Welcome." He chuckles biting into a fry.

After we finish eating i rinse off our plates and place them in the dishwasher.

I join Cal on the couch again returning to our original cuddle position.

The movie resumes and i watch the screen but i feel Cal staring at me.


"Yeah Riles?"

"Why are you staring at me?"


I look at him with a questioned look.

He leans in and kisses me.

At first i was surprised but I slowly start to kiss him back

He pulls away

I get upset from our lose of lip contact


"Im sorry i just..."

I shush Cal with my lips on his.

He opens his mouth so our tongues move together in sync.

Why did he have to make me feel so hot...so free ...so special.

Calum make me feel so good with just one look bur break my heart so bad just from a few words.

But I absolutely loved him...but i also lived Niall.


Sorry I haven't updated in a SUPER long time I've been studying like HELL and I've just been really busy w/ school but next week is early release so I will try to update for you beauties then :)) love you bby's -M (I decided to update now i will just add in Riley's new hair next chapter//sorry i lied)<

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