Hidden Love✗njh

Riley and Niall have been best friends for over 10 Years,As they grow older they develop feelings for each other. What happens they start dating other people will they realize the hidden love or will they be stuck with the people they don't really love?

^^^^Cliche i know��


21. Chapter 21△☪♢



I wake up the next morning groggy and sleepy as hell. I clumsily stumble out of bed and open my windows revealing the bright sunny sun outside. I look at the pretty birds flutter around in the sky, I watch how they soar so freely and smile.

Feeling grumpy without coffee in my system I walk downstairs and make some coffee. While my coffee brews I warm up my blueberry muffin pastry.

Once was the coffee was finished being freshly brewed I put in my cute yellow mug that said `Good Vibz` I add in my creamy hazelnut flavored cream and pinch of sugar.

I then grab my muffin and head outside to the back porch. I sit down at the table and indulge in the scenery. I breath in the sweet smell of the  early morning and let the early morning sunrise warm my skin. The little gusts of wind blow my dark hair back...causing it to be a mess. Feeling happy I smile and start to slowly sip on my coffee.


After I finish my breakfast I walk up to my room to start my morning routine which always consisted of brushing my teeth, washing my face, my make up,getting dressed, and doing my hair. While jamming out to Ariana Grande put on my liquid concealer adding in a few shades lighter than me to contour my face. I then put on my mascara making it look light and whispy. After I put on my mascara I add in my winged eyeliner and darkish matt red lipstick. After doing my makeup I put on my outfit. I pull up my black high waisted shorts and red crop top. walking too my jewelry box I put on gold necklace, black watch, and flower crown. After I finish putting on my outfit I slid into my white converse and check the time.

It was 11pm

I walk over to my mirror and give myself an even middle part, then start to braid the two sections leaving out my baby hairs. (Outfit, makeup, and hair at the end)

I grab my phone and text start to text Kylie and Kendall in our group chat (R=Riley K=Kylie KE=Kendall)

R- Ready to meet up?

K- I'm all dressed and ready to see you babes ;)

KE- I  cant wait to see my best frands xoxo



R- You my top bitch too

KE- freaks lmao ily doofs ;)

R- see you bitches soon

K- see ya

KE- bye bitches


20 minutes later

I pull up to the Panera Bread and run up and hug Kylie and Kendall. "Lets eat I`m starving." Kendall smiles

We walk in and take our seats the kind waiter takes our order.

"So Riles I've missed!" Kylie smiles

"I know I missed you guys too." I sip my soda.

"Kendall How Have you been?"

"Great!....I just really missed you."

I blush and giggle

The waiter comes with our food I smile and ell him thank you.

I start to enjoy my sandwich

"So...I have something to tell you." Kylie blushes looking down

"Yeah what is it?" I smile 

"promise you wont get too mad..."

I slowly nod scared of what she had to say now

"I...I..like..Calum." she sighs

Kendall sighs "I`m sorry Riles."

I shake my head and walk out to leave


Kylie calls sfter me

"You know how much I loved him...You know how depressed I was after we broke up..Fuck I have cuts from it...I don't want too see you or talk to you." I angrily yell before getting into my car.

I see tears down Kylie`s face "Im sorry." she sobs

"Whatever." I roll my eyes driving away

If I love Niall..why do I get this jealous over Calum? "FUCK...lord help me!" I think too myself on my drive home



....Shit got real....


Rileys outfit:   



Riley`s hair:





Riley`s eye makeup:



Riley`s Lipstick:


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