Hidden Love✗njh

Riley and Niall have been best friends for over 10 Years,As they grow older they develop feelings for each other. What happens they start dating other people will they realize the hidden love or will they be stuck with the people they don't really love?

^^^^Cliche i know��


20. Chapter 20☠☤☪

Riley`s POV

Two Weeks Later


I was glad i was finally released from the hospital...i was glad i could return home. 

Today was my first day of physical therapy and i was super nervous. What if i can never walk again..What if my back  dosen` t  heal properly? i shrug the thoughts out of my head as my mom helps inside. "Hello." i smile being wheeled in by my mom. "Hi..Riley.. I`m Mrs. Wood..i will be your physical therapist."  she smiles. i smile back and shack her hand. I walk over to the area stretching area and lay flat on my back. Mrs.Woods comes and stretches out my legs and arms. I feel the sharp  pains in my legs and back. i felt like there were a million needles being poked inside of me.Once shes done i walk over to the area that has holding post and soft thick patted place mats. I sigh and grab the cold metal holding post. My mom cheers me on in the background.I smile softly and take my first step and instantly fall. i get frustrated and i feel my face get hot. "You got this honey." my mom runs up by my side and helps me up. Mrs.Woods helps me up as well and nods "Yes..You've got this  you gotta be really paitieint darling." she smiles and finally hear her sweet southern accent. I smile at her accent and stand up feeling inspired again. I get back up and work through the pain. i manage to get in five steps before i fall again.


After physical therapy we got to get my prescription. "You did great honey." my mom smiles.

"Thanks." i blush

after we get my medication we head out to pick up some lunch.  We get to the Chick Fil A i order my usual a chicken sandwich,frozen lemonade and fries. i quickly devour my food on the way back home. My mom and i blast out too cheesy pop songs on the radio and laugh on the way back home.


At Home

Mom helps me up to my room. I shower and change into my over sized sweater, black knee high socks and tie my hair up into a loose messy ponytail. Too tired to do anything else i get inbed and watch Glee on my laptop.i hear a knock on the door and look up. "Hey Niall,Hey Calum!' i scream and open my arms for a hug. they take the offer and tower over me. I giggle in there arms. " I missed you guys!" i smile and blush. 

"I missed you too." Calum kisses my cheek.

Niall blushes red and kisses my nose

"How was therapy?" Niall asks

"Long..painful." I sigh

"aww.." Calum whines.. I punch his shoulder

he pretends to wince in pain.

i roll my eyes and laugh. "What are you guys doing here?'" "We came to hang out with you." Niall smiles. "What do you guys wanna do?" "Watch movies?" Calum suggests. i nod and put on Mulan.


After the movie finishes i have to use the bathroom. "I`ll be back I`m gonna go use the bathroom. "need any help walking?" Calum asks. i shae my head no even though i knew i was gonna struggle. i stumble over to my bathroom without falling luckily. i go inside and clothes the door behind me.While I`m using the toilet i hear Niall and Calum have a heated discussion 

"she`s mine." Niall stiffly says

"No mate shes mine." Calum stiffly says back

"Fuck off." Niall states

"I love her and I`m  gonna get her back." Calum whispers

"Not if i get her first.." Niall replies back sharply


sorry for not updating in a while...I know this was really short and crappy..but the tension between Calum and Niall..Holy FuCk!... lmao love you babes :) (I updated with the computer version so i was able to add a picture :) )


Riley`s sweater:

Riley`s hair:


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