Hidden Love✗njh

Riley and Niall have been best friends for over 10 Years,As they grow older they develop feelings for each other. What happens they start dating other people will they realize the hidden love or will they be stuck with the people they don't really love?

^^^^Cliche i know��


19. Chapter 19☠☤☪


I flutter my eyes open and i hear claps and cheers.

"Hi" I manage to whisper but immediate pain runs through my throat from the massive tube that's inside me.

I look down at myself.

I have scars every where.

I start to let tears fall from my dark eyes.

"Aww its ok Honey." Mom runs up hugging me.

My dad and Niall join in. I look to see Calum standing shyly in the corner. I wave for him to join into the group hug. He adds in his big masculine arms around me. I breath in his scent.

A spicy cinnamon.

"Knock,Knock." The doctor smiles walking in. I start to slowly get up but wince at every move i make.

"Glad to see your awake." The doctor winks. I give a small smile. "Ok so heres the deal.. Your gonna have trouble walking so your gonna need some physical therapy..your gonna need to be here so your back can heal properly so that you can walk." The doctor informs us. I nod. "Remember physical therapy is gonna be painful your gonna have to be very patient..During your stay here at the hospital stay away from anything that causes you stress...no surgeries will need to be performed unless your back doesn't heal correctly..i will discuss payment with your parents." "Thanks doc." I try to sound happy even though I'm crushed inside. "Mrs.Trudy will come in and remove your tube in a few minutes once she takes it out your gonna be sour for a few days." I grin and give a thumbs up as the doctor and my parents exit. "Riles I'm so glad you alright!" Niall laughs kissing my hands. "Im an ass Riles." Calum says looking at the ground. "Hey..your ok...come here." I smile. "Cuddle?" He asks in a high little kid voice. "Cuddle." I chuckle giving him a hug. "These ropes and hospital contraptions do they hurt?" Niall asks. I point to the massive tube launched down my throat. Calum shivers. "Im so glad your hear I'm gonna be with you everyday." Cal plays with the end of my hair. "No mate Thats my job you can Fuck off." Niall's face turns red after his angry words. "Shut the fuck up mate she loves me more. Calum gets into Niall's face. "No you little shit she loves me more!" Niall fires back brushing Calum's shoulder a little. "Your fucked up!" Calum shakes his head. "No mate i think that's you!" Niall laughs. "Riley will you please tell him you want me!" Niall pleads to me making me blush. "No will you please to Dickface over here its me you want!" Calum now pleads to me making me blush even more. They start to push each other and yell offensive names. "ENOUGH!" I yell. "I love you both!...but this is all too much like the doc said I don't need to he around anything that caused me stress...obviously thats you two don't come here the two weeks here of my stay i need rest and right now i have a headache from you two." I sigh. "Riles.." Cal asks with a sad puppy face. "No I'm serious you two LEAVE!" Just then Dr.Trudy walks in. The boys nod and leave silently.



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