Hidden Love✗njh

Riley and Niall have been best friends for over 10 Years,As they grow older they develop feelings for each other. What happens they start dating other people will they realize the hidden love or will they be stuck with the people they don't really love?

^^^^Cliche i know��


18. Chapter 18☠☤☪


I was layed across my massive bed tossing my plastic basketball ball at the wall consistently. It was pretty late at night and I couldn't go to sleep. I had walked away from Riley because I couldn't continue pretending to love Luna when I really loved Riley. When she was just ranting on and on about fucking Calum i just snapped. I stormed off home frustrated at myself. I later saw Riley leave in a hoodie but I don't think she cake back.



Snapping out of my thoughts i grab my phone to see Riley's mom is calling. "Hey." I smile into the phone trying my best to sound happy. "Niall...." Mrs.Mattew's weeps. "Mrs.Mattew's what's wrong?!" I shriek suddenly scared for Riley. "I..it...its..Riley.. Shes been in a..c.car accident..she also had a drug and alcohol overdose." She sobs even louder. "FUCK!" I yell through the phone. "Im on my way to the hospital." I whisper. I throw in my vans and run out the house in my joggers and white T-shit. This all my fucking fault. SHIT...I'm suck a fucking dick head. I furiously drove out my subdivision and to the hospital in the gloomy night.

*At the hospital*

I see Riley's parents hugging onto to Calm. Anger rushes through me and i run over to them. "What the Fuck mate!" I yell at Calum's ugly face. (Not true Calum's my baby he's hot AF but for text purpose lmao...) "Chill Dickface!" He throws back at me. "Stop you both!" Mrs.Matthew's yells. "Sorry it's just Calum's an fucking Asshole!" I throw my finger at him. "Niall please...Calum told us what happened please tell me what you know." Mrs.Matthew's pleads. I sigh and tell them what happened.

* 10 minutes later*

"Oh my God...IM such a horrible parent..I should of been there for my baby girl now shes in intensive care and I'm praying she she doesn't die I'm such a piece of Shit!" She screams sobbing into her husbands shirt. "Excuse us." Mr.Matthew's whispers before getting up to mento his wife. I let out a sigh and stretch out my legs. "What the fuck is wrong with you man." Calum breaths out angrily. "What the fuck is wrong with me?...What the fuck is wrong with you!" I harshly throw back. "Your an ass your the reason why Riley us in there!" He angrily hitting my arm lightly. "First of all Bitch don't hit me and second of all This is your fault." I start to stand up getting heated. Calum stands up too. "You know you should just leave Riley loves me not you." He scoffs. I let out a chuckle. "You son of a bitch." I laugh while punching his hard jaw. "What the hell mate?!" Calum yells before swinging and hitting my nose. "STOP!" Mr.Matthew's jumps in between us. "Bitch." I yell to Calum. "Ass!" He yells back. "Stop!" Mr.Matthew's yells startling us all. "Riley loves you both...this night us not for fighting its fir live and support Riley needs us all can we put our anger aside and work together for Riley?" He calmly talks. We slowly nod. I excuse myself to go to the bathroom to clean my nose from Calum's fiery punch. I settle down next to Mrs.Mattew's who hands me a latte and muffin. "Thanks." I sip the cup giving me an energy boost. I decide to send a text to my mom

N- Hey Riles is in the hospital she was in a car accident I'm here with her parents

M- ok sweetie stat safe i will be there in the morning don't worry about school ;)

I click off my phone and fall asleep in the hard hospital chair.


7 Am next day

I feel little handprints on my shoulder I slowly wake up from my deep sleep. "He Honey." My mom winks. Go to the bathroom and freshen up comeback and i have food for you. My mom winks. I wince and grab my toiletry bag my mom had brung. I walk over to the bathroom. I splash my pale face with cold water and brush my teeth getting a few weird looks from some strangers. I walk back to my seat. "Here you go." Mom hands me a yogurt cup with granola and fruits in it. I quickly eat down realizing how hungry i was. I throw out my food trash. Tired if sitting i go for a walk. I exit the depressing building and head outside one of Riley's most favorite places. I walk around the garden where a few mental patients were gardening. I breath in the fresh air. Looking at the beautiful scenery. I settle down in the grass and close my eyes.


I know im not the best kid

I know i curse

I sin

Heck I would probably go to hell

I know I don't talk to you often or even pray but I really need you big guy...i fucking love Riley Alaska Matthews i always have and i always will and i will never forgive myself or be able to live my life without her knowing i was the one who fucked up her life and let my last words to her be horrible

I really need you

So please here my call and...help.

++end of prayer

I open my eyes letting the hot tears I've been holding stream down my face. I loom up to the sky and look up at the pretty birds soar above. I get up to head back into the hospital. When i enter back into the hospital a doctor is talking to Mrs.Matthews I quickly run over to them. "She's alive...she's up..your very lucky she survived it was a very close call..you all may visit her shortly she needs her rest..God bless." The doctor winks before walking off. Calum lets out a loud sigh and holds onto to Mrs.Matthews who hugs him back both in deep thick tears. "Well come on lets go see our baby." Mrs.Mattews slowly smiles. She slowly opens the door and lets out a gasp.

*Description of how Riley looked*

Her hair was a mess it was very dirty and was scattered all over the pillow

Her face was a dried up bloody mess scars everywhere

Her arms were scared from the cuts she gave her self with thar damned razor and from the glass that settled into her soft skin her eyes were poofy with black bags underneath her lips were chapped but they were a light pink

She was asleep her face was very pale almost as if she were dead

She looked miserable but i still loved her


I immediately took her hand slowly yet gently and i kissed it "I'm such a dick..I'm so sorry..i love you.." I whisper softly into her ear.


Im fucking crying 😪

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