Hidden Love✗njh

Riley and Niall have been best friends for over 10 Years,As they grow older they develop feelings for each other. What happens they start dating other people will they realize the hidden love or will they be stuck with the people they don't really love?

^^^^Cliche i know��


17. Chapter 17☠☤☪


I run over to my secret money stash and pull out a twenty. I grab my hoodie and jerk it on putting my cash in a pocket. My parents weren't hone as usual. I felt so lonely so ...useless eveybody I needed wasn't there i only had myself. I decided I needed to get high do crazy things...turn into an outgoing crazy obnoxious bitch.



"Hello!" Gaby smiles obviously high. "You know what i want." I gruffly say. She opens the door more so I could step in. She signals for me to follow her upstairs. She lays out the sweet treats in special form. "Which one or ones will it be?" She smirks. I point to to the pott filled cookies and brownies bag. "Ooh nice." She giggles. "That'll be 10 bucks." She arrogantly laughs out again. I hand her the twenty. She quickly skips over to a purse and hands me a a ten dollar bill in change to my twenty. "Your kinda hot." Gaby giggles twirling her hair. "Whatever just give me what i payed for."i roll my eyes and hold my now impatient hand out. She lets out another laugh. "Oh Fuck me." She pushes me against the wall and starts kissing my lips. I didn't stop her if anything i kissed her back. "You want me don't you?" She hisses into my ear. "Shut up and just kiss me." I hiss back. I jump and let my legs wrap around her thin waist. Our lips lock together and move in sync while we let out breathless moans. (A/n so I'm not good at writing about 'Sexual intercourse' so lets just cut to the chase there's a lot making out,clothes thrown and all that jazz...)


I wake up into a dark room next to a naked Gaby cuddling up next to me. I swiftly move her arm and clip on my bra and pull up my undies coming to the realization i just fucked with a girl. I shiver at the fact I actually enjoyed it. Using the little light i have i yank back into my jeans and hoodie. I grab my pott filled cookies and brownies. I quickly run out the house and return to mine. Still with nobody home i run up to my room. I pull out my phone to check the time. 9:10 my phone clock read,And my parents still aren't home. I sigh in depression and put on music. I throw off all my clothes and look at my imperfect ugly fat self in the mirror. I take my razor and start slicing at my pale skin, repeating to myself "your a worthless bitch.. you don't deserve anybody." As i fight throw my tears letting my blood sizzle out of my fresh new scars. I throw myself onto my bed crying in misery. I quickly get up and put on some clothes. A long sweater to hide my scars and black joggers. I put on the tv and grab my bag of goodies. I take out a chocolate fudge brownie first. I take a bite out of the chewy food instantly feeling the buzz of the addictive drug mixed inside. As i finish my first brownie i then go for a cookie. Feeling even more buzzed than before.

++ 30 minutes later

Snickering too myself i head down stairs to the wine rack. I pop open a bottle of red wine and immediately start gulping down the sweet and tart liquid. I start to stumble around the house just thinking random thoughts to myself. "Immm high asss Fuuuuckkk." I laugh tipping over falling onto the floor. Laughing at my clumsy self. "You..you..know what Fu..Fuck Cal-umm and Nnnnialll." I laugh out slapping my leg. I slowly get up and walk outside to my car. Not knowing what the hell i was doing or going. "I think i need a drive." I laugh I settle down into my car driving off. I swerve all over the place in the dark gloomy night. I start to get sleepy and lean against the steering wheel. I hear a car honking and jerk up. My eyes widen to sight of a huge truck hurdling towards me. !!!CRASH!!! The car collides into mine. The glass on my window car door collides into my soft skin making a bloody mess. My head jerks forward colliding in with the steering causing me to black out. So well for true love.


Sorry i had to do this🙈WTF is wrong with me😐😌

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