Hidden Love✗njh

Riley and Niall have been best friends for over 10 Years,As they grow older they develop feelings for each other. What happens they start dating other people will they realize the hidden love or will they be stuck with the people they don't really love?

^^^^Cliche i know��


16. Chapter 16☠☤☪


I throw myself on my bed not knowing what the hell to do with my life. I pick up my phone and and call Calum to try and patch things up.




***your call has been...

I instantly hang up and try again





**your call..

Infuriated I throw my phone. I quickly run to it realizing I shouldn't of done that. I decided to send him at text

R- Cal I'm so sorry ...i want you and only you and i love you please don't do this to me.

I shut off my phone and go to bed.

++next day

Not in the mood to dress up I throw on jeans and a sweater from 'Pink' i throw up a ponytail and put on dark bulky mascara. I slid into my white converse and run downstairs. "Hey mom,dad." I fake smile. My dad looked at me like i was crazy. "What's up with your..." "HENREY!" My mom yells before my dad could finish his sentence. "Its ok..i just decided to go simple today." My mom smiles and kisses my cheek before sliding me a stack of blue berry pancakes. "Lay off the mascara you look like..." "HENREY!" My mom yells again. I laugh it off and finish off my pancakes.

++At School++

I park my black Honda in the parking lot. And start to exit out,I see Niall,I quickly start to walk over to him but i soon see Luna. So i turn to walk away. I then see Calum but then i see his ex right behind him. I continue off into school with a angry huff. I walk to my first period , planning to sit next to Kylie but she's locking lips with her boyfriend. Great. I sit in the second row. Calum walks in which is not normal he has math first. Mr.Drew announces Calum got a schedule so now we have all the same classes. I busy myself with my phone to look like I didn't care to much. The bell rings so i quickly shut off my phone and grab my binder and pencil to start this boring as fuck lecture over science about Atoms,neutrons,protons,and Aristotle boring shit like that. As I'm jotting down my notes i feel someone is staring at me. I look to see Calum staring as if he were hypnotized. I quickly look away too afraid to look at him. "Riley.." He whispers. I pretended I didn't hear him and continue at my notes. The bell rings i throw my binder into my bag and storm off to my locker. I quickly dial in my combination and grab my cheer bag. As i dash down the hall i hear my name being called making me walk faster. I crash into something and fall backwards. I feel strong arms grab me. "Go away!" I yell fighting through my tears. "Riley.." Calum starts. "No you don't get to do this to me...fuck with my feelings tell ME how I feel about you...Its not gonna work that way...Fuck Calum i fucking love you." I yelled. "And i know that now." He gently grabs my hand. "No.." I back away slowly. "You hurt me and didn't come for me at my lowest I'm done!" i sob. I continue off to Cheer practice.Quickly i change into into my cheer clothes. I refresh my face with new and better mascara going lighter instead of thick and bulky. I redo my now messed up high ponytail and head out to the track to start practice. Ok form our pyramid and lets run through the routine!" I smile trying my best not to show my bitterness. We run through the routine and i see Luna mess up a couple times. "STOP!" I yell suddenly angry as hell. "Luna what the hell was that!" I yell at her. "Sorry i messed up a few times." She laughs. "Cheer is not a joke!" I yell even more angry. "Fuck off..your just jealous I'm dating Niall." She snickers flipping her ponytail. "Your off for the routine this week!" I yell. "What the hell!...What for!" She yells. "Sassing the Captain!" I yell snapping my finger. "I think it has more to do with you and your fucked up life...but you know what,i will be in the bleachers watching this fucking team fail without." Luna laughs walking away. I count to ten passing trying not to loose it. "Alright well the show must go on Gaby your now the flyer this week lets take it from the top!"

++At home

Niall i run into him relaxing into his deep embrace. I start to tell him about Calum and how much he hurt me. "We over now..but." I get cut off by Niall's finger on my lip. "Stop!" He yells. "What!" I yell back. "You and Calum!, this and this that and that one week were happy and sparkles and shit then next week everything is fucked up I don't wanna fucking hear it!" He yells once again...I'm startled by Niall's yelling. "Isn't that what friends are for...to support each other and love each other through thick and thin?!" I yell back at him getting heated. "I cant fucking do this I'm done Riley." He storms off. "Niall what the hell!" I yell. "Just...Fuck off." He throws coldly at me before walking out the house. My life was over nobody was there for i needed two things the to things that i always could turn to...pott and my cutting razor.


What The Hell¿

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