Hidden Love✗njh

Riley and Niall have been best friends for over 10 Years,As they grow older they develop feelings for each other. What happens they start dating other people will they realize the hidden love or will they be stuck with the people they don't really love?

^^^^Cliche i know��


15. Chapter 15☼☽☮


I walk into to school happy as hell. I see Luna and instead of hiding i flash her a grin and wave. She scolds me and walks my way. She grabs my jacket and roughly pulls me into the girls bathroom. "Look all that mushy mushy emotional shit that happened means nothing." She harshly throws at me. "Were not best friends,not soul mates,not friends not even acquaintances ."she angrily puffs. She flips her hair "And if you tell anybody bad things will happen..understand you little slut?" She snaps in my face. She applies a coat of pink lipstick to her lips and smacks them making a pop. Once finished she turns to me and smiles. "See ya sweetie." She blows a kiss and sashays out all my confidence and most of my happiness drained. I walk to the mirror and brush my hair. "I can handle Luna" i tell myself not believing a word i just said. I walk out the bathroom and bump into Niall. "Wow you ok Riles?" He asks looking into my dark eyes. "Uhh..yeah." I lie brushing him off me. Continuing to class. I can barley focus on the lesson I'm too busy freaking out what Luna tells me in the bathroom over and over. When class is over i rush out the class and bump into yet another massive body. I look up and see its Calum. "Hey babe...whats wrong you loo.." I cut him off by putting my finger against his plump lips. "Im fine." I sigh rolling my eyes. "But you look depressed." Calum says deeply like he genuinely cared but i wasn't up for this discussion i was to upset. "I told you Im fine now just leave the fuck alone." I harshly throw at Calum pushing past him. I feel him starring him starring at me while i disappear into the massive crowd of bizarre students.

**At Lunch**

During lunch i sit at the table i usually sit at with Kylie,Kendal,Calum,Niall,and...Luna. When i sit down i hear Luna scoff in disgust at me. I decide to ignore her and enjoy my meal hoping Calum would join. I look out to find where he is and i spot him next to his ex girlfriend Kayleigh. I immediately get angry and storm over to him. "What the hell..you sit with her." I yell. "Yea cause obviously you want me to leave you alone." He says keeping his low and husky. "Where did you get that?" I ask confused. He lets out an angry chuckle. "Is this a joke..in the hallway you told me to leave you the fuck alone." When he tells me i instantly remember what happened earlier. "I wasn't feeling well.. I didn't mean what i said..but why sit with her." Another angry huff escapes from Calum's mouth. "You know ..i sometimes i don't know what you mean i spill my heart out to you all the time but you never do..or its always about Niall...i always tell you 'I love you' but when i do its like your mind is somewhere else like you don't feel the same way. He shakes his head. I stand there wordless and embarrassed. I try and blink away my hot tears and i try to swallow down the big lump in my throat. I exit out the cafeteria and drive home in a big mess.


Short update ik...sorry i tried to add some drama idk should they break up or make up lol love you babes -M

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