Hidden Love✗njh

Riley and Niall have been best friends for over 10 Years,As they grow older they develop feelings for each other. What happens they start dating other people will they realize the hidden love or will they be stuck with the people they don't really love?

^^^^Cliche i know��


13. Chapter 13☼☽☮

Riley's Pov:

I wanted to forgive Niall so desperately..i did i really did.I needed him in my life. But something kept holding me back. I wasn't on my period. That option for over emotional drama was out. I decide to call up my best gal pal Kylie. (Phone call K=Kylie R=Riley)

I ringer her up.

K-"hey girl what's up!"

R-"You know how Niall blew me off Yesterday?"


R-"He apologized just now."

K- "Awww im so happy for you two."

R- "I didn't forgive him and I don't know why."

K- "are you on your period?"

R-"no." I laugh

K-" Riles I think you love Niall."

R-"duhh I already know that."

K-"No you love him...love him like boyfriend and girlfriend hand in hand

R- "what the hell I love Calum in that way Niall is my best friend...or was my best Friend."

K-"Do you really love Cal...or are you just using him to make Niall jealous?"


K- "haha" "just think on it...ok."

R-"Ok..Thanks gurl love ya."

K- "love ya too always and forever."

I hang up and throw myself onto my bed frustrated. Do i love Niall? I glance at the time and see I should start getting to look nice to meet Calum's parents. I walk into my bathroom and take a quick shower. Once im out i blow dry my hair and curl it and leave it out. I start my makeup. A light foundation to cover my blemishes, a winged eyeliner and a quick mascara. I go in my closet and grab and put on my white dress i pair it with my Dark blue cardigan . I put a coat of light pink lip stick on my lips after slipping into my mini black stilettos. I head into my black Honda and head to Cal's house. Before walking in I adjust my makeup a tad bit more a fluff up my hair for a little more Volume. I take a deep breath before grabbing my Chanel black chain purse. I walk up the steps to Cal's front door and ring the doorbell. Calum opens the door and immediately hugs me by my waist tightly. I return the favor giving him a quick kiss. Once he puts me down i pull his red cheek "my little Aussie Asian boy." I laugh. "Im not Asian." Picking me up for another hug this time adding a kiss on my nose. "I know." I laugh When he puts me down I realize his parents are right there staring at us. I clear my throat and straighten out my dress feeling like a complete doof. "Mom,Dad this is Riley." Calum says nervously. Calum's mom automatically gushes over me telling about my beauty and gives me a big squeeze. Once she finally goes off to finish dinner I finally walk up to cal's dad and give out my hand for a handshake but he pulls me into an aggressive yet sweet hug. Once pulled away I break into a small laugh. I turn to Cal and give him a thumbs up. Calum's mom...Mrs.Joy prepared a nice vegan meal just for me. It was a nice arrangement of noodles and shredded carrots,and Zucchini. I gasp in astonishment "oh Mrs.Joy you didn't have..." I got cut off by her "Nonsense its the least i can do!,Calum is always talking about how beautiful and great you are." Mrs.Joy starts. "Mom!" Calum intrudes looking embarrassed. I walk over to him and squish his cheeks "your so cute." I laugh. "I know." He blushes. "Come join the feast." Mr.Hood says to me settling down in a chair. Mrs.Joy passes around plates and cups filled with water. The whole dinner was great Cal kept getting embarrassed because his parents kept sharing old baby facts about him and about how much he talked about me.After dinner was over, Calum walked me to my car. "How's Niall." Cal asks. "Ugh" i say rolling my eyes "he apologized but its just so annoying..." I rant "enough about him Calum says in an annoyed tone looking at my neck taking my small hands into his. "I love you Riley." He said nervously. He looked into my deep dark green and i looked back into his light brown " i love you too." I say so happy he tells me that. I felt that he had so much Love for me... I just knew it from the way he talked to me and how he got nervous around me and from hearing his parents tonight. I felt a cold slit across my neck and looked down to see a beautiful shining necklace. It said "mine". I smiled at him and pulled him in for a hug. Once we pulled away we shared a blissful kiss in the sun's set. "The necklace is beautiful,your beautiful,i love you." I say hugging Calum again. "I love you too." He says kissing my neck. He opens my door for me snd and i slide in. "Text me when you get home." Calum says . I laugh at his over protective nature and nod. I exit out of his neighborhood. Once im safe inside i text Cal to tell him I'm home. After i text him i change into some comfy clothes and watch Pretty little liars until i dose off to sleep.


Today i was supposed to meet up with Luna after cheer practice to talk about whatever. I put on my white 'Can you not shirt' and black skinny jeans i put on my red and black flannel and my black Vans. I put on my mascara and put on bright red lipstick. I grab my cheer bag and purse and get in my car for school. While getting in my car i see Niall exiting his house as well. I quickly look away and head to school.I get to my locker and put my cheer bag inside and grab my things for my morning class periods. I walk to Cal's locker and show off my necklace. He smiles at me "you look beautiful." He says pulling me in for a hug. While walking me to my class "so its now time for you to meet my parents,this sunday 4pm." I smile. He nods nervously. "No need to be nervous there gonna love you." I kiss his cheek before heading into class. I walk over and sit next to Kylie "We on for the sleepover?" Kylie asks "wouldn't miss it for the world!" I wink

**After Cheer practice**

When i got out the shower everyone was gone so..i guess everyone had left for home so i started to get dressed. "Riley?" Out of reflex i jump back and see its Luna. "Shit." I sigh "can I still you know talk with you?" She asks playing with her hands. "Sure." i say putting my old sweaty clothes in my bag. "I will follow you to your place." She says "ok." I say adding a smile.

*In Riley's Room*

"So whats up?" I ask. "Niall...the past week his been acting distant and quiet i decided to ask you cause ...your his best friend."she sats. I stay quiet. "Well we kinda had a fight and were no longer friends ." I say nervously biting my lip. "I know." Luna says. "Well I suggest confront him,but in a nice way and try not to be aggressive."I say. "But im scared."she says pleadingly "Luna your a smart beautiful girl,Niall loves...he wants to get matching tattoos with you and all." I say walking over to Luna. "Really?" She asks shyly "yes." I chuckle lightly. "I guess I've just wanted a relationship like you and Calum... So cute and sweet...i mean you have two boys deeply in love with you and i have a boyfriend who is come or pass with me." Luna says playing with the ends of her perfect blonde hair. "really? I thought you were lucky cause you literally are perfect and you have everything." I sigh "i guess we both have insecurities." She smiles and we giggle together. She gets up and hugs me "thanks Riley." She says "No Problem ." i wink. "oh and Niall really loves you." Luna says to me before exiting out my room to go hone. Once Luna was gone i turn to my bed and began my humongous mound of homework.


Luna was being nice😱😐 anyway what do you guys think?¿💕〰

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