Hidden Love✗njh

Riley and Niall have been best friends for over 10 Years,As they grow older they develop feelings for each other. What happens they start dating other people will they realize the hidden love or will they be stuck with the people they don't really love?

^^^^Cliche i know��


10. Chapter 10☽♡➶

Chapter 10

Riley's POV

I was walking up my driveway to let myself into my house after a long tiring day of school. I turned around when i heard heavy breaths behind me. My eyes grew big when i saw it was Niall. I turned back around and continued walking up to mu front door. "WAIT!,Riley i need to talk you ." I cocked my head telling him to come inside. I went to the kitchen grabbed two baggs of Doritos and two Gatorades. I ran upstairs two my room and gave Niall his half of the snacks snacks then walked over to sit down at my computer chair. Things were i silent just us staring at the wall. I decided to get my book bag and start my homework. Niall stared my every step. It made me uncomfortable. "Are you gonna stare at me or talk?" I asked rolling my eyes. "Im sorry about today." He finally said "Damn right,you should be." I said angrily feeling my face get red. "What the hell was it all about." I watched as he looked at the floor and to the walls. "I..uhh..don't know mood swing i guess."He said with a nervous chuckle. "Whatever." I say annoyed. "Friends?" He asked. I stare at him a long while looking into his blue eyes and smiled."Hell no...Best friends." I said laughing, all the anger dissolving out of me. We hugged and started our homework together munching on our snacks.

**later that night**

After Niall was gone my family and i ate dinner together. I took Prism for a short walk around the neighborhood and petted her goodnight. I was all snug in bed. When i got a phone call from Calum. "Hey" i say excitedly. I hear him laugh through the phone."How was your day?" He asks "great Niall and i made!" I say smiling. "Thats absolutely fantastic. I could hear him smile through the phone. " So uh, i was wondering if you would like to come over Saturday and have dinner with my family? I was over joyed and very excited "of course i will!" I yelled "great,ill see you tomorrow at school." He said giggling."yeah." I said smiling. "Goodnight" i said blowing a kiss into the phone. "Night." He said blowing me a kiss.

**Thursday At School**

"I have a great plan for our anniversary Saturday." Niall said rushing up to me giving me a big bear hug. I stopped. "Did you say Saturday?" I ask closing my eyes tightly hoping he didn't say Saturday. "Yep,October 4." He says brightly. Damn how could I forget my friendships anniversary. I couldn't just pass it up, i knew i had to cancel with Cal. I let out a sigh. "Whats wrong?" Niall asked "Nothing, i just was gonna meet Calum's parents." "Oh." Niall said looking annoyed."But our anniversary is more important, i'll cancel with him." I say kissing his cheek. I see Calum walk inside the school building I take a sigh and walk up to him. "Hey." I say "hi"he says nervously playing with his dark hair."Is there something wrong?" I ask "uhh...can we reschedule for meeting my parents to Sunday?" Calum asks nervously biting his full pink lips. "yes of course thank good because My friendship anniversary with Niall is on Saturday i was just about to ask you about that." I say laughing. Calum looked kinda mad when i mentioned Niall's name. "Perfect." He finally says putting his arm around my tiny waist. He walks me to class i kissed him on the cheek before waving him goodbye for his class. I walked into the class room and sat next to Kylie instead of Niall. "Hey hun." I say. "Hey gurl!" Kylie says blowing me a kiss. "We need to have a sleepover with Kendall some time!" she says excitedly. "Yea totally I'm all booked this weekend how bout Next Friday after School. "I say" "Sure!" Kylie beams with a smile. "I'll tell Kendall the plans." Kylie giggled.

**At Lunch**

I walked into the big cafeteria i got a tray. I decided to get something healthy to stay in fit for cheerleading. I grabbed a grilled chicken salad with a side of strawberries and water. I walked over to our usual table to see Luna sitting there playing with her hair and makeup. Why is that i always run into this bitch. I think to myself. I take a deep breath and walk over to my usual seat. I decided to be calm and nice. "Good afternoon." I say with a shy smile. She looked up from her makeup mirror. "Can i ask for a favor?" She blurted out nervously. I was scared at first so i just stared at her. She moved closer to me. "I know i scare you and shit but i really need your help,please?" She asks pleadingly. I look into her bright blue eyes and i could see she really did need help. I nodded slowly. "Ok umm are you free Monday?" She asks. "Uhh..We have practice." I say "oh yea..maybe after practice meet up at a cafe or somethin?" She asks with a shy smile. "Yea..ok." I say nodding. We see the others walking over to the table Luna returns to her seat and i begin to eat my meal thinking about what just happened. Calum walks up and kisses my cheek and gives my hand a quick squeeze. Which makes me blush. Then Niall walks up and gives me a hug. I hug him back. I watch as the two stare at each other. But this kind of stare was different. It was an angry stare. More like a glare with some sort of weird rising tension.


Sorry for not updating in a while ive been super lazy watching Orange Is The New Black😂🙈. Anyway hope you all enjoyed this chaper😚💓

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