Hidden Love✗njh

Riley and Niall have been best friends for over 10 Years,As they grow older they develop feelings for each other. What happens they start dating other people will they realize the hidden love or will they be stuck with the people they don't really love?

^^^^Cliche i know��


1. chapter 1 ✷❥ ➳

Chapter 1

Riley POV

"RILEY ALASKA JONES WAKE UP THIS INSTANT" i was shaken awake by Niall. I frown in his direction but gave him a big kiss on the cheek. Good morning i say rolling out of bed. So whats the news I ask. What he asks with a confused look on his face. You only wake me up early in the morning if you need something...so what is it. He starts to blush. It was adorable. Well.... I say with a smirk."Im in a relationship with Lu..Luna". Niall stuttered. I froze it felt as if i were empty... first i was angry because i loved Niall we had been friends over 10 years. I deserved to be with him. Then I was sad because the man of my dreams was in the hands of another girl. But i couldn't show any of those feelings to Niall it would ruin our friendship. Instead i said thats great with the best fake smile i could do."Really"! He said with a big smile. Im really happy for you i said looking at the floor. "Your still my number on girl though". I couldn't help but laugh.? And with that he gave me a big bear hug.

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