Summertime Love

Aubree and Myles have been best friends since Aubree was a freshmen and Myles was a sophomore.But when Myles is leaving for two months and Aubree is off to college,they hardly ever see each other and the phone calls and text became less and less until they just stopped.Then when a holiday comes around for Aubree she heads home, only to be met with Myles.


1. One.

Aubree Smith  July 14,2011   Aubree//17  Myles//19

"Come on slow poke."I jabbed Myles in his arm."Ow!I'm coming."He laughed.I grabbed his hand and dragged him to the swings since he was taking forever.I plopped down on my swing and kicked my feet slowly.Myles sat down beside me on other swing and mirrored me.I was staring at the sunset when Myles said something."This is so peaceful."I nodded agreeing."I can't believe in two days I will finally be 18."I said.Myles just laughed,"You'll be legal!"He screamed."Yeah but I can't believe that this year will be my last year of high school and then I'll be off to college."I sighed."Who knows,maybe I'll be famous by then and you can come on tour with me and won't have to go to boring ass college."Myles shrugged.'That would awesome!"I waved my hands around.I fell out of my swing and landed on the ground."Dang that hurt."I rubbed my back moved over to where I was laying on the grass."Mind if I join?"Myles pointed to the empty space beside me."I would be hurt if you didn't."I moved over and he laid down beside me."I love you Bree."I thought my heart was going to burst."I love you too."I side hugged him as he wrapped his arm around my waist.And we just laid their.

*****    July 15,2011

"Bree."I felt my body shaking as my name was called.I stretched and rolled over,I was expecting my fluffy pillow but all I got was a pile of leaves.I huffed and sat up to see I was still at the park."Morning."I stood up off the ground and wiped the grass and leaves off of my clothes .I fixed my beanie back on my head and checked my phone, 9:47."Good thing I don't have school.Or I would have been super late!"I laughed."My house?"Myles asked as we walked hand in hand down the sidewalk."Duh!I miss your mom."He laughed at me as I chased a butterfly."Don't laugh."I pouted."Aww,come one we're almost there."He scooped me up bridal style and he walked the rest of the way carrying me.

"Mom,I got you something!"He yelled as we entered the house."What is it sweetie?I'm in the kitchen."I walked in the kitchen and snuck up behind her."Boo!"I grabbed her sides."Oh my goodness!Bree you bout gave me a heart attack."She grabbed me in a hug."I'm sorry."I smiled."It's okay honey."She waved me off."So whatcha cooking?"I asked looking at all the food."Well I made pancakes but those were gone ages ago."She laughed."So I started cooking lunch,which is Stir fry."I licked my lips."Yum."She laughed at me, shaking her head."We're gonna be in my room,call us when it's done."Myles said and dragged me to his room.He opened the door and I walked in and plopped on his bed still exhausted.I closed my eyes and sighed.The door slammed shut and I felt a heavy weight on my stomach."Hey cutie."I opened my eyes and saw Myles' face an inch from mine."Hey dork."I laughed and placed my hand on his, which was resting on my stomach.He is always sending mixed signals and it aggravates me.But who am I kidding,he could have any girl in the world so I don't why he would even want me.

"Come on!"I cried as I tried to pull Myles from his bed."Ughh fine then, I guess you don't love me!"I stomped to kitchen pretending to be mad at him."I do though."He hugged me from behind stopping me from going any further."I know, who wouldn't?"I laughed and turned around so I was facing him.I could see him leaning in and just as his lips were about to touch mine,"Lunch!"His mom yelled.I pulled away quickly and turned around so he couldn't see my red cheeks.I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a plate that she fixed already."I sat down on a stool at the bar and jabbed a fork into a bell pepper.I place it in my mouth,"This is amazing!"I exclaimed."Thanks Babes."She smiled.Myles has still yet to come in.

          Myles Parrish

"Dude I don't know what came over me."I sighed into the phone."I don't know what to tell you besides that you are in love."My friend David said the two words I didn't want to hear."I can't be.We have been friends for too long.This could mess us all up."I pinched the bridge of my nose."I would take the chance but it's all up to you."I nodded even though he couldn't see me."You're right,I'm just gonna go for it."I smiled."Good for you.I got to go.Bye."He hung up and I was left to my thoughts.


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