Las'Vegas: Neveda Blood

Violet'Det Ree, a courier; Who simple job was delivery a package to a mysterious order-Until her job was cancel due to a checker suited man. Who which taken to her 'Grave', shot twice in the head-But somehow she found herself alive in a small town. Which now alive, piss and confuse she is looking for answer of her mysterious attackers. But will Violet found them or found a lot more among the wasteland known as: Mojave.


1. I do not owe this video game or the content

Let's make a note: I do not owe any of the characters made into this video game or settling it has in any part of this game-All that jazz is own by the best company {In my personal option } Bethesda Soft works the creators of all the fallout games from 1997 to now. Other company's that help made this game I do not owe their content their do as the list of the companies are follow -Obsidian -Bethesda softworks {Main owner, personally } -Gamebryo -Havok As for the character of the main person is mine from my character on fallout las vegas, along with few changing in my idea of my storie but I do not owe the game, thank you for reading this and I hope you enjoy this hot, sin city, vegas tale of fallout.
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