Las'Vegas: Neveda Blood

Violet'Det Ree, a courier; Who simple job was delivery a package to a mysterious order-Until her job was cancel due to a checker suited man. Who which taken to her 'Grave', shot twice in the head-But somehow she found herself alive in a small town. Which now alive, piss and confuse she is looking for answer of her mysterious attackers. But will Violet found them or found a lot more among the wasteland known as: Mojave.


3. Chapter Two: Violet'Det Ree Grave

In a celementory, where a young female courier-Black out laying on Mojave desert of Califlorida, waiting for her grave to be perfect along with her in it to face her death. As Violet Ree lays on the cold Mojave desert, the wind wake her up with bit's of sand hitting her face like pebbles was being thrown at her. Her eyes began to open, slowly like he been drug. Still half ways out of her mind, she doesn't know what going on. She began to hear former voices; Her kidnappers! She try to open her eyes, it was hard for her, the attackers that come by knock her dead out. All she remember was walking down a dirty old desert road until some men come by; With pistols & Rifles, arming at her-One man wearing a really ugly ass suit come by, smiling big as he flip an bottle cap in his hand. And then one of the men while the other wore the same; Leather vests, he come by close to her while Violet look at the man. The biker guy or some chem head come to her uses his weapon; Laser Xe43534 to knock her out with back of her head. Then grab her delivery; Poker Chip. ' Where in God am I at ? ' Violet thought to her self, as she notice she was laying on the ground, now feeling her hands tight up. She look; Rope around them-Tight enough to choke someone neck. Then she saw the group of men who attack her. Their was seven of them; 5 Guys wearing leather vests, another who was wearing a leather vests but zip up alike with a face wrapper around him like he was injury or something. Then a man wearing the ugliness suit she never seen in her life being an courier or at less living in her life time; A checker suit. Slowing waking up, Violet kept calm and silent shaking off this feeling " You come what you was after, now pay up! " One of leather vest men said " Yeah, Yeah, just hold your balls for an minute..." Suited man said, as he taken his cigarette, lighting up with this fancy lighter of his-Smoking on it slowly, blowing out some smoke like he was some bad ass in a gang. " You pieces of shit...." Violet said, now waking up from this nightmare that was just starting, she notice her mouth was cover with an bandanna-Now piss off, confuse and well.....mostly really fucking piss off she try to yell, scream or say anything to get their attention. One of the other leather vests men notice her trying to speak but couldn't " Hey! Guess who awaking up...." He smirk, which made Violet want to bite in his neck and rip him to death then use his guts to hang the others; Raider Style of course, to say. As now there all watch Violet trying to speak, she watch the checker suited men smoking more slowly, taking his time-Then blowing out last smoke he had. " Time to crash out " He said, as he thrown his cigarette on the ground, stepping on it with the others having an look as their are in an hurry. " Won't you just get it over with?! " One of the leather men said as he look at the well fixed suited guy. As their was talking, Violet notice an grave.....a grave for her. ' Oh fuck! No, no, no! ' Violet said as she shaken her head " Maybe cons kill their victim without looking in their face, but I ain't no con-You dig? " The well suited men statement as the men he was arguing about just shaken his head as she notice other looking down. While one...don't have any look of this but pity in his eyes like he felt sorry for her. Then when Violet was taking note of this, he just look the other way with her still spotting area of viewing his face of sorrow. Now looking at the checker suited asshole, which was taking a smoke who was also smirking which made Violet piss off more. " You know, if this won't happen I would made you into a more ways then one. " He smirk as he was smiling at her which made her want to die. He was looking at her in a pervert fashion, a way a hooker is view in the strips of Vegas. ' Oh dear God, please don't let me get rape! I don't want to lose my virginity to this asshole! ' Violet thought as she shaken her head-Still trying to speak to them, as he blown out his smoke then as a question to Violet " You would like that, wound't you? " He smile big, Violet try to gave fake smile to him then gave the finger in reply to his reply to her ' Fuck you asshole, I rather be eaten by death-claws then fuck with your ugly ass ' She head in her mind which she wish their thought what she meant. He just smirk more, then smile at her " Too bad pussy cat-I would made you into something wild with me but of course...." As he talk and Violet still having the looks of an death-claw, he pull out a poker chip from his suit-Her poker chip she was suppose to delivery. " You made your last delivery, sorry you got twisted up into this " As he place the poker chip back into his suit then pull out another object; A pistol. " Where your standing it seem like a run of bad luck, but truth is.." As he arm for Violet head, cocking it " It was rid from the start " He pull the trigger which cause Violet to fall back. She was barely breathing, she watch-Slowly as she pass out the leather men was carrying her then tossing her into the grave. With one leather guy taking an shovel, scooping up dirt then tossing it-One after an another into her own grave. As he was done, the checker suited men walk away along with the gang in the shadows of the dark. But without them knowing it, their had someone spying on them; An robot-A cowboy friendly robot who come up to Violet grave then began digging. " Oh please be'alive now...." He dig, dig and dig some more until her head was showing then he pull her out from her grave. Placing his robotic hand over her chest-He felt a beating...a heart beating! " Oh thank goodness! " He call out, then carried Violet over to a doctor their had in town. As he ride over the house, he knock really hard-It almost sounded like raiders come by. " What?! " The old man call out, as he open the door " We got someone hurt...." Robotic said as he come in the door without being call in, " Who is it? " Doc said as he grab his glasses taking a closer look at her " I don't know, some men attacker her-Shot her twice in the head...." He said, lowing her into a bed nearby. " Is she still alive? " He ask, which the robotic nod " Good, go fetch me my medicine tools-Am going to work on her to see if I can pull out the bit's of lead out. " He lend on her, stilling if he was telling the truth The robotic don't stay he hurry to fetch what he needed. The doc taken an rag then wipe the dirt mix in with the blood with fresh water to clean it; Noticing their was two bullet's that did go through Violet's head-Which made him surprise she was even surviving through this. " Here! " He said as he stool in some medicine tools along said with other meds on it for the wound. " Thanks, I can take over from here " He said " Are you sure? " The robotic question " Of course, I am the best-Remember? " He chuckle as he taken an tool then began working on Violet. The robotic nodded then found his way out the door-As the doctor was working he pull so far 15 pieces of lead from Violet head. " I hope you recover from won't shock me if you don't....." He said as he pull out the last of the piece of lead out, then he risen up-Taken an last look of her then shaken his head. As Violet'Det Ree just rest, breathing; Slowly in-And-Out.
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