Las'Vegas: Neveda Blood

Violet'Det Ree, a courier; Who simple job was delivery a package to a mysterious order-Until her job was cancel due to a checker suited man. Who which taken to her 'Grave', shot twice in the head-But somehow she found herself alive in a small town. Which now alive, piss and confuse she is looking for answer of her mysterious attackers. But will Violet found them or found a lot more among the wasteland known as: Mojave.


4. Chapter Three: Ain't That A Kick In The Head

Now laying in bed, it already been couple of days since Violet shot in the head; Twice.

" Hun......I guess I shou-" Before the doctor could speak, Violet slowly open her eyes looking around. Then taking few minutes, she began to be in shock-She was shaken from her nightmare in the grave of her own death.

" Your about that...." The doctor smile big to her, which made Violet jumpy like


" Wha-what!? " Violet rosen


"  Whoa....take it easy...Easy now...." He said, as Violet was breathing heavy

" You been out cold for couples of days now...." Which made Violet head turn.


" But....I...I-thought I was dead...." She said, as she felt her head....


" You was about to, if you wasn't dig up....." He reply


" Who...." She mumble


" Now, why don't you just relax for a second-To get your bearings...." He said which Violet was relive she don't die from an gun shot to the head.

" Now how about we start off easy..." He said, smiling still


" O...OK....sure..." She was worried to do anything


" How about we start off with your name.....can you tell me your name? " He ask, she nodded


" m-my name is; Violet....Violet'Det Ree...." Which made the doctor chuckle


"Hun...? Will I can't say, it something I would pick for you-But if that your name then its your name...." He said still smiling


" Thanks....I....guess.." She said in shy matter, he smile big; He was an old man, at less around the age of 60 or 70-He wore rancher outfit

" Am Doc Mitchell's....welcome to Good-Springs..." He said which made Violet feel....well...welcome for once in her life since....her family death.


" It nice to meet you Doc Mitchell's...." She said,


" Same here, Now I hope you don't mind but....." He went on,


' Oh now.....what now?! ' She thought


" I had to go routing around in your head to pull out pieces of lead out- I take pride in my needle work, but you should tell me if I left anything out of place...." He grab Mirror 5346FD for her to look


' Oh please...... ' She thought once again; 
Violet was an Caucasian female-


Young female, in her 20's she was 23, she had green eyes-Perfect body and face form like Marilyn Monroe, herself. But she had bit of muscles showing, due to living in the Mojave wasteland, alone as an child.   

              White skin showing with tan soon to appeal on her,
Her hair style was however in a tom-boy style: Blast-Back look with her hair color begin; Golden Platimun blond.
She began to look in ever area, until her finger lend at a spot that was scar


" ummm....." She said, he look at her-


" How did I do? " He ask with an smile, she shown a scar missing hair......few actually....


" Umm....I have an scar here...." She said which he risen up chuckling


" Will, I got most of it right......well stuff that matter anyway...." He stretch then place his hand on Violet back
" Alright no sense to keep you in bed any more-Let's see if we can gets you on your feet...." He help Violet up



" Thank you " She said

" No problem" He said, he look at her which made Violet think


' Why do I get all the perverts who are men.....? For Once I love to have an girl look at me....maybe in nice way...or pervert way...either way I would at less one female to look at me like men does" She blush which made the doctor look

" Oh dreaming..." She turn red


" It alright..." he smile " Now let's see if you can walk-Do you think you can manage that? " He ask
She nodded " Good, try to walk over there to that Vigar tester..." She nodded once more; As the doctor let go, Violet walk slow she fallen one time while trying to go over their. " You alright? " He ask, she nodded as she was in front of the Vigar tester " How about you gave that Vigar tester a try? We will learn quick if your sense come back to you in your right factories..."

She nodded once more as she pull the Vigar tester-It was perfect:

-Strength was soldier style

-Charisma/luck was high enough for her to get away with anything

-Intelligence was genius

-Agility/Endurance was good too for her fighting skills of course


" Wow...." Doc Mitchell's said " Maybe those bullets did you some good..." He chuckle which she smile softy " But it doesn't mean it don't leave you nutter then Bighorner drop on it head on an mountain..."

She walk along side with Doc Mitchell to his living room it seem like due to the couch being in their.

" How about you take a sit on my couch and I'll ask you few questions to see if your dogs are still barking...." He sat down on blue chair, she nodded then taken an seat. " Alright, am going to say a word then I want you to say first thing come to mind..."  He said


" Alright, ask me..." She said looking at him, he nodded

" Dog " He said

" Guard...." She mumble

" House...." He wrote down notes

" Shelter....."
He wrote more notes

" Night...? " He ask

" Dream " She said, he ask more

" Bradit? " He look at her

" knife " She rise one eyebrow which made Doc Mitchell's laugh at reply

" hahaha....sorry....umm..ok.....Light? "


" Flash...." She said, as she look down-Until Doc Mitchell's come to certain word that made Violet heart sink in.


" Family...." He said, 

Violet was speechless

" Family....." He said again


" Oh yes....sorry....." She said as she watch him  wrote down few more notes


" Violet....what makes you think of the word ' Family ? ' " He ask

She was silent as if he had stab her in the back then she mumble softy so soft he could hear her.


" Am sorry come again? " He try to smile, she look up


" I said ' Miss ' I think of the word ' Miss ' " she said
The two was silent until he broken it,


" Alright, now am going to say an statement and tell me if this fits your characteristic...." 
She nodded once more " Conflict ins't in my nature " He said


She look down " No Opinion " she spoke


" I ain't giving to rely on others for support


She still look down and reply once again " No Opinion " 
which he nodded.

" I am always fixing to be center of attention...."

She giggle " Agree "

He grin then spoke more " I'm slow to develop and embrace new idea's "

She laugh " Strongly disagrees "
He try not to chuckle 

" Hahaha....hmmm.....I charge in to deal with my problems head on...."

She look at him " Disagree...." 


" Alright, almost done here...." Now he rise up then taken some boards....which was drawing of weird ass art work.
" OK now I want you to tell me what this picture look like...."


The first artwork was cloud it seem messing up leaving an oval shape hole
" Umm....Broken chain? " Then Mitchell's pull out another artwork


It had an around tip with thick line and......

' Oh my....' Violet mind said, which he look when she blush

" Am....I'm to embarrassed to say what it looks like...." Which made him blush pink little


" Alright last one...." He said


The last artwork look like when the great bombs fallen from the sky in the great war...
" Mushroom cloud..." She said, he nodded then wroted down last notes


" Alright that about what she wrote...I don't really have noting to compare it so maybe you'd better just have look at the results I cover from the questions....if it alright with you? " He said


" Of course not..." As Doc Mitchell's handed over her results; which was reading as follow


" I don't know if any of those match you or not so..." he went on, which she stop him


" No! Your actually perfectly right about me in all these..."


" Really? Guess am great at telling an person then " He smile as he chuckle once more
" Now it time for last iteam, all I need is family history of medince historie-I don't think their will be many that been shot in the head...." He said, which her smile slowly turned down. Which she blanky said


" You would be surprise however but I will give you my family traits if you wish...."


" I do " He said, as he gave her clipboard to write on


She wrote down her traits on clipboard.......

-Good natured

-Heavy Handed with no necessary melee weapons just hand to hand

-Trigger Discipline with Rifles

-Wild Wastelander


" Alright, that about does it...come with me and I'll see you out " He said


" That would be good, thank you " She reply


" No problem, after all am here to help " Then their follow to the main door

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