Las'Vegas: Neveda Blood

Violet'Det Ree, a courier; Who simple job was delivery a package to a mysterious order-Until her job was cancel due to a checker suited man. Who which taken to her 'Grave', shot twice in the head-But somehow she found herself alive in a small town. Which now alive, piss and confuse she is looking for answer of her mysterious attackers. But will Violet found them or found a lot more among the wasteland known as: Mojave.


2. Chapter One: Mojave

The wasteland had cover so much of it ruin during the Pre-War-Episodically when their was no water coming along, but when the first sight of fresh purified water. Which made most of Mojave wasteland into a gold mine for everyone-Soon later, people appeal out of vaults; Forming tribes together. Their is a government that first taken action of this event; NCR-National Califlorida Republic. This government works in the  " Old Ways Of Society " while this government was risen from the Mojave desert, another government was formed : Caesar Legion. The two never seen, eye to eye among each other- Which causes more blood to shed  during the years. When the fresh water appeal among to each other in a dam known " Hover Dam " the NCR Republic try to keep peace from the Legion that want the water for themselves. Thousands of NCR troops dead to keep this dam alive for everyone in Mojave desert. As the dam was fought over for, the NCR won along with the Legion falling back to their camps. While the fresh water was enough for the desert, their was one place this hover dam was perfect for: Vegas Strip. The only area, where most of the wasteland travelers visits the most. It tale says this  Sin City seem perfect enough, that it seem like it was untouched by any where else in the Mojave wasteland. Until an group of troops went in to secure it, but soon to found out this palace was over run with; Security robot's and mysterious man name: Mr. House who no one really knows about or seen in Vegas Strip which keeps to himselve in building call : Lucky 38. Now with NCR and Legion fighting-A another tale will be told in this desert; Violet'Det Ree-A Courier who had a simple task that went wrong in seconds. Her storie is from her own grave yard, while with her self digging in her own grave of the war in the republic of Califlorida.


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