try hard


1. chapter 1

Hi my name is Jill styles and this is my story of how I feel in love with Luke Hammings

How I found my self in his house after a big party in his bed with him right beside me but I have to tell you from were it started .


On a normal day in summer I was in the mall with my best friend Shawna. Shawna tells me were going to Calum's  party. She's blushing because she has had a thing for him from like the first day are school mixed with boys. 

The bad thing of mixing with boys was my  twin brother harry styles comes to my school now, and he hangs out with Luke and the rest of the band 5sos. My brother is the biggest player in school, he all ways say be careful well how am I going to be careful when he won't even let me date anyone. 






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