Writers Weekly

~This is a story to give credit to all the amazing writers on Movellas that never get noticed if you want me to review your stories I will and I will write something that I loved about your Movella and something I think needs to be changed to help with your future stories. I think everyone can write when they find their perfect story. I will post a new person every week as long as people keep coming. I will also do random people if I think their story is really descriptive~


3. Nolan

This Review is for Nolan and her story is called Will, Won't, and Willingly.

Some Things To Fix: Reread parts for spelling but I only found one spelling mistake but there might be more that I didn't catch and also go back just to tweak anything you feel doesn't fit, talk about your surroundings a little more by just explaining a little bit where you are unless you did that purposely and if you did I say just leave it like it is.


Things I Loved: I LOVE YOUR DESCRIPTIVE WORDS! It's almost like a poem the way you repeat the same words which is a good thing, I liked the way you put the definition for the words in the beginning, and overall it was just another amazing story by you. Thank you for letting me Review your story and people love your stories because you put so much description into them. This is just for fun so always enjoy writing and keep doing it.

Thank you ~Nolan~


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