Zack Merrick: The Boy From The Gym

A little Zack Merrick imagine! c:


1. Zack Merrick: The Boy From The Gym

~Could you write a Zack imagine where you own a bakery next to the gym he goes to so he always comes in afterwards to buy something healthy-ish? (Like a blueberry muffin or sth idk) and then eventually he shyly asks you out to dinner and you sth fun (idk I have no ideas) and he's rly sweet and an absolute gentleman~   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You were working at your bakery on a calm Thursday night. You had just recently opened and business was going fairly well; today had actually been a pretty busy day for you. You even had a regular costumer who would come in after he went to the gym next door. His name was Zack and he was honestly the hottest man you'd ever seen. He was around 5'9" with dark brown hair and hazel eyes. His eyes were so amazing; almost as amazing as his smile.   He was usually a very quiet and shy person when he visited and usually kept to himself around everyone else in the bakery. Except whenever you were there he would always be able to find something to talk about; it was nice talking to him, he made you feel special in a weird kind of way.   You were so deep into your thoughts that you didn't realize Zack walk in. He was covered in sweat with a towel wrapped around his neck and his face was partially red. He looked at you and smiled. "Hey Y/N." You smiled back at him. "Hey Zack. How are you?"   He rubbed the back of his neck and glanced at the floor. "I'm good. How about you?" You giggled quietly at how cute he was when he was shy. "I'm great. So what can I get you?"   "Can I have a blueberry muffin?" Zack spoke softly. "And possibly for you to go on a date with me?" He mumbled.   The last part caught you off guard slightly. "Wait you want to go on a date with me?" He kept looking at the floor and began to blush. "Well yeah, you seem like a really cool person and I'd love to get to know you better."   "Aww that's really sweet. I'd love to go on a date with you, Zack. Hold on, I'm gonna grab your muffin." You grinned from ear to ear as you walked over to get Zack's muffin.   You got back and handed him the muffin. "That'll be $1.50 please." Zack handed you his money, fixed the towel around his neck and smiled shyly at you. "So what's your number so I can call you and we can figure out a date for our date?"   You exchanged numbers and said your goodbyes. You couldn't believe Zack wanted to go on a date with you; it was exciting. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Day of the date!   You were putting some final touches on your outfit for your date with Zack tonight. You were wearing black stiletto heels and a knee length black dress where the skirt flared away from your waist, giving you defined curves. You also curled your hair and had a little bit of makeup on, nothing too drastic. Just neutral coloured eyeshadow and winged eyeliner along with a nude lipstick.   After you were finished getting ready you walked downstairs and paced your living room, waiting for Zack to arrive. After 2 minuted he knocked on your door and you bounced excitedly over to the door, opening it to reveal Zack. He was dressed in a casual grey suit and was holding a bouquet of flowers.   "Y/N you look absolutely stunning. Oh and these are for you." Zack blushed, handing you the flowers. You took them in your hands and smelled them, they were so beautiful. "Thank you very much! I'll go put these in some water and we can head out."   You put the flowers in some water and walked out of your house with Zack, your arms linked together. He walked you over to the passenger side of the car and opened the door for you. You blushed and climbed into the car.   After a little bit of driving you finally arrived at the restaurant. Zack quickly climbed out of the car and ran over to your side to let you out. He smiled and opened your door. You took his hand in yours and you both walked into the restaurant; him holding the door open for you. Then you both got inside and sat at your table and began to talk.   "So Zack, thanks for taking me somewhere this nice. Nobody's ever taken me somewhere as fancy as this. It's beautiful." You smiled at him, feeling yourself blush. Zack played with the sleeve of his jacket. "I don't believe you've never been anywhere this nice. Someone must've taken you to places this nice. You deserve it."   You blushed an even brighter shade of pink as he spoke. "Well I haven't been in very great relationships in the past. Nobody ever thought I deserved all that much." You looked down at your lap and felt something touch your hand. You looked up to see Zack holding your hand and looking directly into your eyes. "You deserve places even nicer than this. From what I know about you so far, you seem like an amazing person."   "Well thank you. You seem really amazing too." You smiled.   You both began talking for a while and ate your food, then talked some more. After all that was done, Zack had an idea. You both strolled out of the restaurant and into Zack's car; him opening your door once again.   When he began driving he held your hand, which caused your stomach to erupt into butterflies. You had found out a lot about him and began falling for him more and more by the minute. You found out about his friends, his family and his love for music. And you found out about his band "All Time Low" he's in with his 3 best friends; Rian, Jack and Alex.    "Hey Y/N, you don't mind if we do something else do you?" Zack asked as he parked the car. "I don't mind at all." You said with a smile.    You looked out the window for a moment and when you looked back you realized that Zack had taken off his jacket along with his tie and had rolled up his sleeves on his shirt. Fuck he looked hot. He climbed out of the car and walked over to let you out; holding your hand once you got out. You had noticed that he had taken you to a small carnival filled with tons of food and games. You clapped in excitement and made Zack run with you to one of the games.    "Woah someone's clearly a little excited. I'm glad I chose to come here." Zack laughed as you both ran. You reached a game and waited for the people in front of you to finish up. "Of course I'm excited! I haven't been to a place like this in forever."    You began playing a random racing game with Zack and you wanted to beat him so badly. Luckily you did win and got to choose whatever prize you wanted. You decided to go with a pink and blue stuffed squirrel because why the hell not, right?    "Dammit. I wanted to win so then I could give you the prize." Zack smirked, rubbing the back of his neck and looking at the ground. "Aww Zack! That's adorable but if you wanted to do that then it might be a good idea to step up your game." You winked, holding your prize closer to you.    You both ended up spending hours playing different games. Zack won you a giant teddy bear and you had one a few smaller prizes. You both walked around after you had all your fun, then you noticed a Ferris wheel. Of course it didn't seem like the most appealing idea at first but you decided to see what Zack thought.    "Do you wanna go on the Ferris wheel? I think it might be fun." You tried not to drop all of your prizes as you both walked. Zack smiled and took a few of the smaller prizes out of your hands. "Here let me help. And sure, why not?"    You hoped over to the Ferris wheel and gave the man your tickets, heading onto your seat and making sure you didn't drop your teddy bear. Everything started moving and you moved closer to Zack, putting your head on his shoulder. He wrapped his arm around you and kissed the top of your head.    When you reached the top of the wheel, everything stopped. The man at the bottom of the ride said that the problem would be fixed momentarily. Sure it made you slightly nervous, heights weren't the best thing in the world. But even if you were stuck up there, Zack made you feel safe.    "We can see so many things from up here. It's beautiful." You spoke softly, taking your head off Zack's shoulder and looking at all the lights and people. Zack turned to you. "All that might be beautiful, but none of it is as beautiful is you."    You blushed at his statement and looked away. Then you felt his hand turn your face to his. He then put his hands on either side of your face, looking you in the eyes. "I'm being serious. You're the most beautiful girl I've ever seen in my entire life. And you have the greatest personality ever." Zack then looked at your lips, then back at your eyes.    He began slowly moving towards you, then your lips met. His hands moved closer to the back of your neck and you loved every second of it. Kissing him was unlike anyone else you'd ever kissed. He was sweet, gentle and loving. It made you feel unstoppable. Your stomach erupted like a volcano of butterflies and your skin tingled from underneath his touch.    You both pulled away and leaned you forehead on his, smiling. "This is the best Ferris wheel ride ever." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Months after date    It's been 5 months since your first date with Zack. A lot has changed since then. Your bakery was busy almost all the time, Zack's band was now touring and shortly after that first date, Zack had asked you to be his girlfriend. You had even gotten to meet Alex, Rian and Jack and you all got along great!   Life had been sort of bland before you met him. It was almost like he brought a variation of colours you'd never seen before into your life. He'd always call you just to tell you how much he loved you, how beautiful you were and how much you meant to him. He made you feel special. He made you feel wanted. Everything was great in every aspect of your life and you were fairly certain that everything would just go up from here.
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