You Hurt Me, But...

When Emilee Santiago bumps into her ex Jayden Kennedy will she want him back or stay without him because of what he did?


3. The first day back of my Sophomore year...

I woke up the next morning feeling great. today was the first day of Sophomore year and I feel like a new me after getting dumped by Jayden. I mean it hurt, but im over it. I went to the bathroom, brushed my teeth and my hair and put this on:

when I went down stairs my mom made pancakes and said "wow you look pretty, trying to impress someone?" I said "shut up, where r my pancakes" in a playful way " u better hurry up and eat you don't want to be late for first day of you new school" I said "your driving me you know that and its not a new school its a new year."   " whatever " she said. me and my mom have an awesome relationship shes like my sister but I came out of her wound. anyway this is how she looks:

  she and my dad split up a while back but shes dating someone. She hasn't gotten to the whole movin in staying over thing but they kiss and stuff like that. but anyway off to school I go.

.Jayden's POV

when I saw Emilee yesterday I freaked I didn't know what to say. so I walked up to an old friend I used to kiss and kissed her in front of Emilee I didn't mean to I just freaked I mean I think I luv her I just didn't know how to say it before when we were about to have sex I new she wasn't ready I just wanted it so badly but when I heard her say she loved me I freaked and I left just like that. I couldn't face her at school so I switched all my classes and tried to avoid her as much as possible and told her I moved out of state because she deserved someone better i wanted to tell her she deserved someone that wouldn't take advantage of her but I never saw her again after that because I was coward I mean I still am especially yesterday when I flipped. im pretty sure I ruined the best relationship I ever had with a girl just because I could say I love you. I feel so stupid, im gonna try with All my heart to win her back I don't care how much it takes I will get her back because I LOVE HER. time to get ready for school...

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