You Hurt Me, But...

When Emilee Santiago bumps into her ex Jayden Kennedy will she want him back or stay without him because of what he did?


4. Meeting New People

Emilee's POV

When I got to school my best friend Nina Smith was waiting there here's how she looks:

Her hair used to be brown but she dyed it yesterday. Doesn't she look pretty? Anyway, I got out of the car and I noticed she was hanging out with some fangirls. I walked over and she gave me a hug and said " Hey look who I found " I smiled and waved she then pulled me as side and said " that group of people love JB just as much as I do can we please sit with them today at school" I said "sure but how do u know if we even have their lunch we don't even have our schedules?" She said " oh, trust me I know." I looked at her with a suspicious look on my face. I finally walked away and went to go get my schedule 🙍

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