Carry Me. (cameron dallas)

Brooklyn is the most popular girl in school with tons of friends. One day she meets Shawn and everything changes after one night under the bleachers.

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3. The guest room games

Cameron's POV

"Thank you so much Mr. Mandarin." I said putting my clothes on the bed.

"No problem son. Now me and The Mrs are going out to a invention convention for the weekend. There is supposed to be severe weather so just stay here. Contact your parents." He said

"Well thank you for being so kind sir I......" I was saying

"Oh and if I come back to a daughter that has a 20 year old boyfriend when she is 19. I'm gonna....... Like that very much if it's you!" He said relieving me of my stress.

Brooklyn's parents left 1 hour ago. And I am planning on telling Brooklyn that I do want to have a relationship.

I walked down the hallway to her room and knocked on the door.

"What's up." She said in a annoyed tone.

"Can I come in please?" I asked.

"Sure." She said opening the door all the way

I sat down on her bed next to her.

"Look back at the field I wanted to be friends with benefits but I want a relationship with you." I said.

Brooklyn's POV

"Look back at the field I wanted to be friends with benefits but I want a relationship with you"

He said to me.

"I would like that a lot. But you know what I would like even better?" I said

"What." He said laughing


"Wanna take my lambo?" He said making me kiss him.

"Um I mean yeah that's cool." I said trying to play I off.

We got in his lambo and drove to the theater.

Once we got there we had a fight over who paid for the tickets. Obviously he won.

"Here is a 20. Go get us a large popcorn and me some m&ms please." He said handing the 20 to me.

After I got what he asked for I got myself some sour patch kids and a sprite to share.

I started walking to the theater to see cameron at the very top.

"Your gonna make me walk all that way!" I yelled because no one was in there yet.

"Ok princess I am gonna come down and get the food. Then I will get you." He said running down the steps and grabbing the food.

"What about me!" I said as he sat the food down at our seat.

"I'm coming." He said again coming down the steps.

"My turn now?" I asked lifting up my arms.

"Hop on." He said turning around and bending over.

I jumped on his back and he grabbed my legs.

"Thank you." I said as he sat me down.

Through the movie was a mini popcorn fight,me putting my face in his chest when I got scared, and me giving him random kisses.

"We better get back to the house." He said intertwining our hands.

"Let's play monopoly!" I said as we walked in the house.

"Looks like it's guest room game night!" He shouted.

We ended up playing board games all night until we finally got tired.

"I think I'm gonna *yawns* go to sleep cam." I said.

"Let me tuck you in." He said picking up the final pieces of the game."

"Ok." I said jumping into my bed.

Cameron started tucking me in.

"Aren't your parents gonna get worried u haven't come home?" I said

"I just got a apartment." He said tucking me in.

"Good night princess." He said kissing me.

I was just about to go to sleep when I heard someone come in my room.

I was about to grab my hockey stick when I saw the figure taking off his shirt and pants.

Cameron. He hoped in my bed with just his boxers.

"Is this ok?" He asked staring in my eyes.

"Yes this is great." I said putting my arm around his rock hard abs and my head on his shoulder.

Shortly after we both went to bed.

I changed the title and pic because they aren't friends with benefits anymore so yeah✌🏼️

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